Progress in Pakistan is interlinked with Afghanistan: SAPM Yusuf

By Staff Reporter
Friday – November 27, 2020
ISLAMABAD: The special assistant to prime minister (SAPM) on national security division and strategic policy planning (SAPM-NSDSPP) Moeed Yusuf mentioned, Thursday, that Pakistan is focusing on economic security paradigm, can act as a natural melting point for global economic interests however, the economic wellbeing is deeply connected with stability in Afghanistan.

According to a press release, SAPM-NSDSPP met with Afghanistan’s ambassador Najibullah Alikhil, in the federal capital.

SAPM-NSDSPP Yusuf added that regional connectivity via Central Asian Republics (CARS) will benefit both countries to which both sides agreed to tackle security issues together.

He raised the issue of the Indian dossier with the Afghan ambassador.

SAPM-NSDSPP Yusuf apprised the Afghan ambassador about India’s effort to underline Pakistan’s stability.

Afghan ambassador Alikhil responded that there is a strong commitment that Afghan soil will not be used against Pakistan.

Both agreed that the way forward for security operations will help to resolve outstanding issues.

SAPM-NSDSPP Yusuf reiterated Pakistan’s continuous commitment to peace in Afghanistan and held that the region can only move forward, if Pakistan and Afghanistan are on same page.

Both deliberated that both the brotherly countries share common geographical, historical, religious and cultural bonds.

SAPM-NSDSPP Yusuf stressed the vision of connectivity and trade, bringing prosperity to both the neighbouring countries.

It was held by both the dignitaries that the recent prime minister (PM) Imran Khan’s visit to Kabul and his interactions with the regime in Afghanistan had evident benefits in that it helped encourage mutual understanding so that the two countries will begin to appreciate each other’s stance on vital issues.