Proactive approach to counter hybrid warfare: president Alvi

By Staff Reporter
Wednesday – March 3, 2021
ISLAMABAD: The president Arif Alvi said, Tuesday, to effectively counter enemy’s attacks, a proactive approach towards hybrid warfare is equally important besides the conventional preparedness of the armed forces.

According to a press release, he expressed these views while addressing the certificate award ceremony of Aeron 2021 workshop on aerospace and national security, held in the federal capital at Pakistan Airforce (PAF) headquarters.

President Alvi said with global transformation in combat tactics, a strategy based on technical advancement is vital to address the national security challenges.

He mentioned that a paradigm shift in warfare has increased the threats of the use of virus bombs and digital attacks on information network that requires a constant vigil and alertness.

President Alvi pointed that intellectual powers, including companies like Google and Facebook, have gained influence even on States, world parliaments and the United Nations (UN).

He said the kaleidoscope of world politics is ever-changing with new security alliances in the making and emphasised on preparedness by the country at all levels.

President Alvi said Pakistan is ready to counter any nefarious designs by its enemies with its armed forces well prepared to defend the country’s frontiers.

He said Pakistan has emerged as the most resilient nation after rendering immense sacrifices in the war against terrorism.

The president lauded the readiness of PAF which has always proved itself second to none while protecting the aerospace frontiers of the country.

He recalled that the valour demonstrated by the PAF falcons in countering the enemy’s airstrike at Balakot in 2019 made the nation proud.

President Alvi gave away certificates to the participants of the workshop.

The air war college institute (AWCI) commandant Air Vice Marshal (AVM) Zulfiqar Qureshi said the PAF is ready to deal with national security challenges, may it be traditional or non-traditional.

He mentioned that the capacity of aerospace power is whole of a national effort including economic stability and strong industrial base.

The first-ever Aeron workshop with 36 participants included parliamentarians, civil servants and journalists, focused on contemporary challenges, strategic autonomy and economic independence.