President Alvi discourages over-fishing

By Staff Reporter
Friday – March 19, 2021
ISLAMABAD: The president Arif Alvi asked the ministry of maritime affairs (MoMA), Thursday, to initiate measures to save the fishing resources as over-fishing and harmful fishing gears pose a grave threat to the fishing sector.

According to a press release, he expressed these views at a briefing, given by MoMA on deep-sea fishing policy, at the presidential palace, in the federal capital.

President Alvi underscored the need for discouraging illegal and unregulated fishing to promote sustainable fishing in the country.

He stated that the fishing sector needed to be developed aiming to earn foreign exchange as well as provide employment opportunities to the people.

The MoMA briefed the meeting about the proposed deep sea fishing policy. It apprised that foreign vessels had been banned from fishing since 2018 and the proposed policy will also bar such vessels from fishing.

The meeting was attended by MoMA minister Syed Ali Haider Zaidi, MoMA secretary Rizwan Ahmed and other senior officials of the MoMA.