President Alvi asks for value addition in textiles

By Staff Reporter
Friday – May 15, 2020
ISLAMABAD: The president Arif Alvi, Thursday, asked the national textile university (NTU), Faisalabad, to play its role in helping the textile industry of the country in value addition and diversification of its product.

According to an official statement, he stated this during a presentation given by NTU rector Tanveer Hussain, the rector gave a comprehensive presentation about the role of NTU in providing quality education.

NTU rector Hussain informed that the university offers textile-related programmes at undergraduate and post-graduate levels and that its textile programmes were not only accredited in Pakistan but also with the textile university (TU) of the United Kingdom (UK) as well.

He mentioned that the NTU enjoys collaboration with almost all reputed international universities offering textile-related programmes.

NTU rector Hussain further stated that the graduates of the university are in high demand as most of them get their employment offer in the final year of their studies.

Appreciating the role of NTU in producing qualified and skilled manpower, president Alvi said that the university had greater contribution in promotion of textile industry as well as boosting the export sector of the country.

He said that the universities are required to adopt innovative information communication technologies to ensure access to quality education in view of the challenges posed by coronavirus pandemic.