Points of convergence vital to Pak-US bond: Qureshi

By Staff Reporter
Tuesday – September 25, 2018
NEW YORK (United States): On his tour to the United States (US) foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, addressing a press conference at Pakistani embassy in Washington DC, on Sunday mentioned that a bilateral session with US secretary of state Mike Pompeo is scheduled for October 2, 2018, and emphasised that Pakistan intends to continue its engagement with the US and manage the relationship by concentrating on points of convergence.

According to an official statement, the meeting with Pompeo will take place as per an invite by Pompeo extended to Qureshi during Pompeo’s recent visit to Pakistan. Qureshi agreed that Pak-US relationship has recently been fractured.

He emphasised that Pakistan wanted to have relations with the US based on mutual respect and mutual interests and asserted that the current regime in Pakistan will do what is in the best interests of Pakistan.

“Our Policy is Pakistan, Pakistan and Pakistan” stressing “Pakistan will engage both with the US and China at the same time as Pakistan greatly values its relationship with both the countries,” Qureshi said.

He disclosed that Pakistan is pursuing the policy of re-engagement and reconnection with former allies, who stood shoulder to shoulder with Pakistan during testing times.

On Pak-India relations, Qureshi reiterated Pakistan’s principled position of being open to dialogue and asserted that Pakistan firmly believes that it’s the only way forward to ensure regional peace and stability.

On Afghanistan, he reminded that Pakistan has always played a positive role for bringing peace in Afghanistan. However, Qureshi added that, there should be an inclusive approach in order to evolve a lasting political solution to the Afghanistan conflict.