Pakistani students are welcomed in Canada: Hussen

By Staff Reporter
Sunday – April 1, 2018
ISLAMABAD: “Canada was built by immigrants and we welcome Pakistani tourists, international students and businessmen,” Canadian immigration, citizenship and refugees minister Ahmed Hussen said while addressing Pakistan day reception at Ottawa.

According to an official statement on Saturday, Hussen said that our policies continue to uphold the age-old tradition that immigration strengthens all facets of Canadian life. “Our immigration policies will benefit all Canadians and contribute to economic growth and keep the country at the forefront of the global economy,” he added.

Hussen appreciated the positive and constructive role being played by the Pakistani community in Canada for further strengthening of the relationship between the two countries. He mentioned that he is looking forward to visiting Pakistan during the year, as exchange of parliamentary delegations will further enhance our bilateral relations.

Pakistani high commissioner to Canada Tariq Azim said that as Canada pursues a path to diversifying its partnerships, Pakistan is one of the emerging economies in Asia offering tremendous opportunities.

Pakistan seeks reviving the full spectrum of relations in political, trade, investment and development fields with Canada. Azim acknowledged with gratitude that Canada’s visa processing time for Pakistan has significantly improved recently.

He congratulated the large Pakistani diaspora for their valuable contribution to the political, economic and socio-cultural fabric of Canada.

A large number of Canadian parliamentarians, government officials, civil society, media persons, members of Ottawa diplomatic corps and community members attended the reception.