Pakistani cinema: A selective retrospective E-3

By Anis Shakur
Sunday - January 28, 2018
ISLAMABAD: Sar rakh kay meray shanay pay bhi ik geet kisi nay gaya tha wo geet meray jeewan bhar ki umedoan ka sarmaya tha
Waheed Murad who was the hero in the film ‘Hero,’ crossed over in the wee hours of Wednesday morning of November 23, 1983 in his self-professed sister’s residence in defense housing authority, Karachi, leaving the movie incomplete.

Director Iqbal Yusuf later completed the movie and it was released on Friday January 18, 1985 in Lyric cinema, Karachi and Firdous cinema, Hyderabad. The cast included Waheed Murad, Barbara Sharif, and Mumtaz. The song ‘Bunkay misra ghazal ka chali Aao na,’ was recorded in Ahmed Rushid’s voice.

Ahmed Rushdi’s first song ‘Bunder Road say Keamari,’ which was recorded in 1954, was not meant for the movie. Nadeem’s first film was ‘Chakori,’ in 1966. Shamim Ara’s first film was ‘Kunwari baywa,’ in 1956.

Mehdi Hasan recorded his first film song in 1962 for the film ‘Shikar.’ Pakistan’s first movie ‘Teri yaad,’ was released in 1948. Karachi’s first film was ‘Hamari zaban,’ which was followed by ‘Inqilab, ‘Bara Aadmi,’ and ‘Maska palish.’

Ahmed Rushid’s number one song was ‘Akele na jana.’ Waheed Murad’s number one film was ‘Armaan.’ Sohail Rana’s number one music composition was for the film ‘Armaan.’ Masroor Anwar’s number one song lyrics were ‘Akele na jana.’ Zeba’s number one movie was ‘Armaan.’

Mehdi Hasan’s number one song was ‘Elahi Aansu bhari zindigi kisi ko na day.’ S.B. John’s number one song was ‘Tu jo naheen hai tau kuchh bhi naheen hai,’ for the film ‘Sawera.’

Munir Husain’s number one song was ‘Qarar lutenay walay,’ for the film ‘Saat lakh. M. Kaleem’s number one Na’at was ‘Saba Madinay agar ho jana,’ Alamgir’s number one song was ‘Shaam say pehlay Aana.’

Pakistan’s number one film Qawwali was ‘Meri tauba ya Rab,’ singers Saleem Raza, Munir Husain in the film ‘Tauba.’ Surraiya Hyderabadi’s number one song was ‘Chanda kay hindolay mein,’ for the film’Lori, Zubaida Khanum’s number one song was ‘Laila, Laila, Laila,’… (To be continued)