Pakistani cinema: A selective retrospective – E.1

By Anis Shakur
Sunday - December 31, 2017
ISLAMABAD: Janay walay teray qadmoan kay nishaan baaqi hain hum tau sajday teri rahoan mein kiye jaa ain gey - As Pakistani show business enters a new era, we look back at some of the accomplishments that recall our history, our dedication and most of all, our victories in the realm of movies.

On the inauguration get together of film arts ‘Insaan badalta hai, a still image of the luminaries was taken at the Eastern film studio, Karachi in 1960.

Waheed Murad’s first film as producer happened to be ‘Insaan badalta hai,’ Waheed Murad chose Munawwar Rasheed to direct the movie, which was the debut movie for Munawwar Rasheed as well.

Darpan, Shamim Ara, Lehri were included in the cast. Lehri received the Nigar Award for best comedian. Its theatrical release was on May 5, 1961.

The film arts second production was the movie ‘Ek raat,’ a song was recorded around that time at the gramophone company of Pakistan on August 4, 1960.

Shaikh Hasan was the director, Ahmed Rushdi had the pleasure to record a song for the film ‘Shabab’ in 1961 which was produced under the banner of the film arts. A photo opt took place in H.M.V. Shaikh Hasan directed the movie; theatrical release was on Friday September 18, 1964. The film cast included Shamim Ara, Darpan, Deeba, Nazar and Talish.

Karachi Eastern Studio presented the film ‘Jab say deikha hai tumhain,’ which was the second movie of Waheed Murad as a producer. The theatrical release was on March 29, 1962. Munawwar Rasheed directed the movie. Waheed Murad introduced music composer Sohail Rana, in this movie. Hence, it was Sohail Rana’s movie debut as well.

Cast included Darpan, Zeba, Lehri and Agha Jan. Zeba played the lead role in this movie for the first time. Producer, director, poet, Fazal Karim Fazli presented the film ‘Chiragh jalta raha.’ Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah was invited for ‘cut the ribbon,’ ceremony.

The theatrical release was on March 9, 1962 in Nishat cinema, Karachi. It was the first film for Mohammed Ali, Zeba, Deeba and Kamal Irani.

The golden jubilee film ‘Aulad,’ was released on Friday August 10, 1962 at Karachi’s Rivoli cinema. It was Waheed Murad’s debut movie as an actor as well. Starring Waheed Murad, Nayyar Sultana and Habib. The super hit song is ‘Naam lay, lay kay tera hum tau jeeye jaayain gey,’ which was recorded in Naseem Begum’s voice.

The golden jubilee film ‘Heera aur pathar,’ was the first film of Waheed Murad as the lead actor, he won the Nigar Award for best actor. It was released at Naz cinema, Karachi on December 11, 1964 and completed 68 successful weeks.

Further, Waheed Murad introduced director Pervez Malik and script writer M. Aqeel Khan for the first time in this movie. The latter was fortunate to receive the Nigar Award for best script in his debut movie.

Waheed Murad and Zeba played the lead roles. Megahit song ‘Mujhay tum say mohabbat hai,’ singers, Ahmed Rushdi – Najma Niazi. (To be continued...)