Pakistani-Russian military exercise begins Nov 5

By Monitoring Desk
Wednesday – November 4, 2020
MOSCOW (Russia): The servicemen of the Russian Southern Military District (SMD) will participate in the fifth joint Russian-Pakistani military exercise Friendship-2020, on the territory of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, from November 5 to 21.

According to a press release, the final conference was held between representatives of Russian and Pakistani government in Pakistan, during which the sides determined the plans, goals and objectives of the exercise, the composition of forces and equipment, and agreed on the time and place of its holding.

The joint military exercises are to be held from November 5 to 21 engaging the units of Russian and Pakistani armed forces. It is planned to involved over 150 personnel from the two countries.

From the armed forces of the Russian Federation, more than 70 soldiers of the special purpose unit (SPU) of the 49th SMD combined arms army, stationed in Stavropol, are involved in the exercise.

The joint exercise will be held on the territory of the special operations forces (SOF) of the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in the locality of Tarbala (50 kilometres northwest of Islamabad), as well as at the national counter-terrorism centre (NCTC) in Pabbi of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

During the exercise, the military personnel of the two countries will exchange experience and work out cooperation in performing a wide range of tasks, in particular, destroying conditional illegal armed groups, conducting reconnaissance, search and ambush operations using aviation and technical intelligence tools.

The purpose of the joint exercise is to strengthen and develop military cooperation between the armed forces of the Russian Federation and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The joint Russian-Pakistani military exercise “Friendship” is held since 2016, in which military personnel from the Russian armed forces take part in motorised rifle units and SPUs of SMD stationed in Karachay-Cherkess and Stavropol.

This is the third joint military exercise to be held in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and two more were held on the territory of SMD-in the Kuban and in the mountainous area of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic.