Pakistan will retaliate any Indian assault

By Zeeshan Ghayur
Wednesday – February 20, 2019
ISLAMABAD: “If you believe that you are going to initiate an attack against Pakistan and that Pakistan will not consider retaliating then let it be clear that Pakistan will retaliate,” prime minister (PM) Imran Khan responded on Tuesday, addressing Hindustan (India) on the national television, against absurd Indian allegations regarding the Indian occupied Kashmir’s (IOK) Pulwama incident.

“There will be no other way than to retaliate in response and then where do we go from there? We all know that initiating a war is in the hands of humans however ending it is not,” Khan warned and added, “Where will this confrontation lead to, only Allah knows better therefore I am hopeful that better sense will prevail” anticipating “We will exhibit intelligence, rationality in the matter and that the issue of Kashmir can only be resolved through negotiations.”

“A few days earlier an incident took place in IOK’s Pulwama district, I was to respond to it since Pakistan was being framed as the culprit however we were busy hosting the most important investment conference, led by the Saudi crown prince Muhammad bin Salman (MBS) for which we had been preparing for long,” Khan exempted.

He explained, “I took this decision because any statement on the incident would have redirected attention towards Pulwama incident rather than the highly significant MBS visit” adding “That’s why now that the Saudi crown prince has returned, I am addressing the entire nation to broadcast my response and most particularly this response is for the Hindustan government.”

PM highlighted, “You went straight to blame Pakistan for the Pulwama incident without providing any credible evidence or consideration of how Pakistan could have benefited” reminding “At a time when Pakistan was hosting such a significant conference that involved the personal visit of Saudi crown prince, only an idiot could have orchestrated such an incident only to sabotage own conference of national significance.”

Khan asserted, “Even if MBS was not to visit, what possible benefit could Pakistan have derived from the incident” questioning “Why would Pakistan initiate such a controversial action especially when the country is moving towards stability?”

He echoed, “Pakistan has fought against terrorism for 15 years that has taken a toll on 70,000 citizens” underscoring “The rate of terrorism countrywide is reducing, peace is prevailing and stability is returning.”

“I would also like to question the Hindustan government, if you are to remain stuck in the past and every time there is an untoward incident you are to pinpoint Pakistan as the culprit, then rather than you initiating a dialogue on the issue of Kashmir, you will only time and again make Pakistan a victim of your wasteful conspiracies,” PM educated.

“I am stating it clearly for you that this is a newer (naya) Pakistan that is exhibiting a newer mindset, a renewed thinking” asserting “It is in our interest that no one uses our soil for exporting terrorism nor anyone from the outside terrorises us” adding “We want stability,” Khan asserted.

“I am extending an offer to the Hindustan government that if you wish to get the incident investigated on whether Pakistan was involved, we are ready” continuing “If you possess any actionable intelligence that Pakistan is involved then provide us with it” assuring 
“I am providing you my guarantee that we will take action,” he proposed.

“We won’t take action because we are under any sort of pressure but will act because if anyone uses our soil for exporting terrorism then he/she is declaring enmity with us as this goes against our interests,” Khan reiterated.

“Secondly every time we try to initiate a dialogue with Hindustan, their precondition is that terrorism will the foremost topic of discussion” offering “I am telling you that we are ready to even deliberate over terrorism” reminding “Terrorism is an issue that this entire region faces and we want to rid our region of it,” PM mentioned.

“Pakistan brunt the most damage from the scourge of terrorism, Pakistan has incurred losses of over $100 billion as a result of it, that’s why we are ready to talk over terrorism,” he emphasised.

“However, I would like to point out two facts for you. Firstly, Hindustan should develop a renewed thinking, an introspection should take birth on what could be the possible reason that the youth of IOK has reached such a level that the fear of death has disappeared from their lives?” underlining “There has to be a reason,” Khan said.

“Do you think that this one dimensional oppression, the unending tyranny, trying to resolve the issue through military will solve the matter today, if the same has consistently failed in the past?” Khan probed.

He recapped, “If in Afghanistan after a span of 17 years the entire world has agreed to the fact that the use of military is not a solution and that negotiation will ultimately resolve the issue, should there be no such discussion in Hindustan?”

“Secondly, we are listening to the rhetoric of Hindustan in the Indian media, wherein the politicians are crying for teaching Pakistan a lesson, Pakistan should be avenged, a strike should take place against Pakistan” lashing “first of all which law of the world allows one person or country to be the judge, jury and the executioner?” adding “What sort of a justice is this,” Khan asked.

He culminated, “Secondly this is the year of general election in Hindustan and we are aware that any strike against Pakistan will boost the election affair nationwide in India.”

Meanwhile, according to an official statement, foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi sent a letter on Tuesday to United Nations (UN) secretary general António Guterres writing, “It is with a sense of urgency that I draw your attention to the deteriorating security situation in our region resulting from the threat of use of force against Pakistan by India.

“The Pulwama attack on Indian central reserve police force (CRPF) was ostensibly and even by Indian accounts carried out by a Kashmiri resident of IOK.

“Attributing it to Pakistan even before investigations is absurd.

“For domestic political reasons, India has deliberately ratcheted up its hostile rhetoric against Pakistan and created a tense environment.

“It has also hinted that it may abandon the Indus waters treaty (IWT).

“This would be a grievous error.

“It is imperative to take steps for de-escalation.

“The UN must step in to defuse tensions.

“India must be asked to conduct an open and credible investigation on Pulwama incident.

“You may also consider asking India to refrain from further escalating the situation and enter into dialogue with Pakistan and the Kashmiris to calm the situation down.

“I request that this letter be circulated to members of the security council and general assembly.”