Pakistan vaccinates over 10 million against COVID-19

By Staff Reporter
Tuesday – June 15, 2021
ISLAMABAD: A high level meeting was informed, on Monday, that so far over 10 million people have been vaccinated against the COVID-19 (coronavirus) epidemic.

According to a press release, the premier chaired a meeting on the ongoing COVID-19 vaccination campaign countrywide.

It was informed that the government, semi-government and private companies are ensuring the supply of vaccines to 100 percent of their employees.

For this, not only the capacity of existing vaccine centres is being enhanced but also the formation of mobile vaccination teams is in the final stages.

It was further informed that more than 50 percent of government and non-government employees have been vaccinated as per the education ministry.

An awareness campaign has also been launched in collaboration with the private sector to create awareness about the vaccination campaign, which is having a positive impact as a large number of people are volunteering for the vaccinations.

The meeting was also informed that the number of vaccination centres have been doubled and the number of mobile teams have been increased from 48 to 600.

In addition, a large number of public and private hospitals have been added to the list of vaccination centres.

Further, in view of the importance of tourism in Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) and Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), special measures are being taken, including the requirement of vaccination certificate on entry, completion of vaccination on priority basis for the population in densely populated areas, etc.

The meeting was given a detailed briefing by the national command and operations centre (NCOC) on the current indicators of the vaccination campaign and future strategy.

The prime minister (PM) Imran Khan described the steps taken for vaccination as satisfactory and stressed that only timely implementation of vaccinations and standard operating procedures (SOPs) can control the epidemic.

He further said that voluntary vaccination of the people is a welcoming step which is rarely seen in developed nations and added, “To avoid a tragic situation like India, the institutions and the people must work together to ensure that measures are put in place.”

The meeting was attended by federal ministers Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, Asad Umar, Hamad Azhar, Azam Khan Swati, special assistants Faisal Sultan, Muhammad Shehzad Arbab and concerned senior officials.