Pakistan to build own Turkish milgem class corvettes

By Staff Reporter
Friday – July 6, 2018
RAWALPINDI: Pakistan Navy (PN) on Thursday signed a contract for acquisition of four milgem class corvettes from Asfat (a Turkish national military factory/shipyard), the contract also includes “complete transfer of technology” and the transfer of intellectual proprietary rights for the design of these ships to Pakistan.

According to an official statement, the first and second ship will be built at Istanbul naval shipyard while two ships will be constructed at Karachi shipyard and engineering works (KSEW).

A noteworthy feature of the contract is that the fourth warship will be designed jointly by Pakistan’s maritime technologies complex (MTC) and will be the first indigenously designed and constructed frigate.

The construction of third and fourth ship at KSEW will not only enhance the industrial production confidence and the ships construction potential but also contribute towards national economy, creating new jobs and development of highly skilled human resource.

The milgem class ships contract will go a long way in fostering Pak-Turkey strategic relations, which have grown over time.

The induction of these Ships will substantially enhance PN’s combat capabilities and will contribute effectively towards maritime security operations in the region.

Milgem class ship is a capable and extremely potent platform, favourably comparable with any contemporary warship of modern navies.

The ship is equipped with modern “stealth features”, and state of the art “fifth generation weapons and sensors” including indigenously developed missile system, hence configured to undertake multifaceted operations in all domains of naval warfare.

The acquisition of these modern ships will enhance the capabilities of Pakistan’s naval forces which are an ardent guarantor of maritime security and stability across the region and beyond.