Pakistan supports Iraq’s endeavour for regional peace: PM

By Staff Reporter
Friday – August 13, 2021
ISLAMABAD: Iraqi foreign minister (FM) Fuad Hussein highlighted, on Thursday, Iraq’s efforts to defuse tensions in the region and promote cooperative ties among regional countries to which the prime minister (PM) Imran Khan expressed Pakistan’s support.

According to a press release, Iraq’s FM, along-with his delegation, called on the PM in the federal capital.

PM Khan extended warm welcome to the Iraqi FM and reaffirmed Pakistan’s close fraternal ties with Iraq, founded on strong affinities of faith and culture.

The PM appreciated Iraq’s resolute efforts to rebuild the country and wished well for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

While discussing various aspects of bilateral relations, PM Khan underscored the importance accorded by Pakistan to further deepening and broadening mutual cooperation with Iraq in diverse fields.

In the regional context, the PM underscored the importance of resolving issues through dialogue and diplomacy.

On Afghanistan, PM Khan reiterated that there is no military solution and that a negotiated political solution is the only way forward.

He outlined Pakistan’s consistent support for an inclusive, broad-based and comprehensive political settlement.

While reaffirming Pakistan’s resolve to support the Afghan peace process, the PM urged the international community to reinforce these efforts as peace in Afghanistan is a shared responsibility.

PM Khan also reiterated his invitation extended to the Iraqi PM and expressed the hope that the visit will take place at an early date.

Thanking the PM for extending a warm hospitality to his delegation, Iraqi FM Hussein conveyed cordial greetings of the Iraqi leadership.

He affirmed Iraq’s desire to forge stronger relationship with Pakistan in pursuance of the vision of the leadership of the two countries.

Thanking the PM for his invitation to the Iraqi PM, Iraq’s FM Hussein conveyed invitation on behalf of the Iraqi PM to PM Khan to visit Iraq.