Pakistan submits ‘proof’ of TTP/JuA presence in Afghanistan

By Staff Reporter
Friday – March 30, 2018
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan handed over a dossier to the embassy of the Islamic republic of Afghanistan, on Thursday, containing evidences of the involvement of Afghanistan based tehreek-e-taliban Pakistan (TTP) in the suicide bombing at a Pak army unit in Swat and the presence of TTP, Jamat-ur-Ahrar (JuA) and other terrorist groups’ ‘hideouts’ in Afghan territory.

According to an official statement, the Afghan side was asked to take effective action against “terrorist hideouts” from where they have been financing, planning and undertaking “cross border terrorist attacks” on Pakistani military posts, cities and towns.

Meanwhile, foreign office (FO) spokesman Mohammad Faisal, on Thursday, mentioned that the terrorist groups including TTP, JuA, lashkar-e-Islam (LI) and Daesh have established ‘sanctuaries’ on Afghan side of the Pak-Afghan border.

These terrorist groups are involved in undertaking cross-border raids on our military posts. Our border troops only open fire when they are fired upon and the response is always directed at the point of origin and is proportionate.

We have shared the locations of the “safe heavens” of these groups with Afghanistan and the United States (US) authorities on many occasions, however, our concerns have not yet been fully addressed.

This issue has been addressed in some locations where Afghanistan has established its border posts and deployed troops.

We have been ‘consistently’ raising serious concerns about the “rising footprint of Daesh in Afghanistan”. Concentration of Daesh along the borders with Pakistan, central Asian republics, Iran and China further alarms us of its negative implications for Afghanistan, Pakistan and regional security.

Daesh has been involved in “cross-border raids” at Pakistani military posts. We have, on many occasions, shared evidence of their involvement in cross border raids and location of their safe heavens on Afghan territory with Afghanistan and resolute support mission (RSM) and urged them to take effective action to root-out Daesh sanctuaries on Afghan territory.

There has been a phenomenal rise in the growth of poppy cultivation and drug production in Afghanistan, which is fueling the “war economy in Afghanistan” by empowering terrorists and extremist networks. It is an issue of major concern for Pakistan.