Pakistan says all outstanding issues stand resolved with Bangladesh

By Staff Reporter
Friday – January 8, 2021
ISLAMABAD: Pakistani high commissioner to Bangladesh handed over a signed copy of Tripartite Agreement of 1974, Thursday, to Bangladeshi minister of state for foreign affairs (MoS-FA) Shahriar Alam which addressed all the outstanding issues between the two countries.

According to a press release, the high commissioner of Pakistan to Bangladesh Imran Ahmed Siddiqui called on Bangladeshi MoS-FA at Bangladeshi foreign office (FO) in Dhaka.

Pakistani envoy Siddiqui said the agreement should serve as a foundation for further strengthening of the existing fraternal relations.

He underlined, in order to establish productive commercial relations there is a need to address all non-trade barriers and efforts need to be made to facilitate frequent interaction between the business sectors of the two countries.

In this connection, the Pakistani envoy further informed Bangladeshi MoS-FA Alam that Pakistan had already removed all restrictions on Pakistani visa for Bangladeshi citizens.

The two sides discussed issues of mutual interest and agreed to work further for promotion of bilateral relations.

They agreed to intensify bilateral contacts at all levels, the press release concluded.

From the history files: the tripartite agreement among Pakistan, Bangladesh and India signed in New Delhi on April 9, 1974, provided the basis for completion of the process of three way repatriation of detained and stranded persons involving Bengalis in Pakistan, Pakistanis in Bangladesh and Pakistani prisoners of war (PoWs) in India. Under the terms of agreement, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) supervised the repatriation of Bangladeshi and Pakistani citizens.