Pakistan participates in Airborne Platoon competition

By Monitoring Desk
Thursday – August 12, 2021
MOSCOW (Russia): In the Ryazan region, at the Dubrovichi training ground, a solemn meeting of more than 10 national teams participating in the field training competition among the airborne units Airborne Platoon took place, on Wednesday, the international stage of which will be held from August 22 to September 2.

According to press releases, paratroopers from Congo, Brazil, China, Kyrgyz Republic, Abkhazia, Mali, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and South Ossetia arrived in Ryazan by air.

The day before, the first foreign teams participating in the competition, representing the Myanmar and Pakistan, arrived.

Traditionally, the participants of the competition were greeted with bread and salt.

The state flags of the participating countries were raised, and the military band of the guards parachute regiment sang the anthems of the countries that had arrived.

At the end of the celebrations, participants were registered and safety training sessions were held.

A set of measures to counter the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) was carried out with all team members.

The medical personnel of a separate medical detachment and a medical company of the Ryazan guards parachute regiment of the Tula guards airborne formation organised anti-epidemic measures with thermometry and the deployment of disinfection and hand treatment points.

In addition, all team representatives who arrived underwent an initial medical examination.

In total, about 450 military personnel from 18 countries are expected to participate in the international stage of the competition as part of national army teams.

The international stage of the field training competition among the airborne units Airborne Platoon will take place, held within the framework of the international army games 2021.