Pakistan nails India on deceitful Modi remarks

By Staff Reporter
Friday – April 20, 2018
ISLAMABAD: Foreign office (FO) spokesman Mohammad Faisal on Thursday lashed out at the untruthful Indian regime and reiterated that Pakistan has categorically dismissed the farcical allegations of the so-called surgical strike, which is nothing but a figment of Indian imagination and a tenuous relationship with truth.

According to details, the Indian prime minister (PM) Narendra Modi referred to the so-called surgical strike by India against Pakistan, in the United Kingdom (UK). Deceitful Modi stated that Pakistan was informed about the strike, once it had allegedly taken place, before the media.

Faisal mentioned, “Constant repetition of a fallacious claim does not make it real” flaying “The Indian government is increasingly sounding like a broken record.”

On Indian air force (IAF) doubling the number of fighter jets compared to Pakistan air force (PAF), he said, “Indian hegemonic designs are an open secret and have subjected the region to a compulsive arms race” adding “Pakistan believes in mutual respect and a policy of peaceful coexistence” warning “But our armed forces are well prepared and vigilant to respond befittingly to any threat to the motherland.”

Indian government has come under immense criticism about the brutal Kathua rape of an 8 years old Asifa who was kidnapped, held in a temple, repeatedly raped and then bludgeoned to death, Faisal informed and added that the brutal, heinous murder is an indication of the inhuman manner in which rape is systemically used as a tool of subjugation in the Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK).

He lashed out at the horrific Unnao case where a minor girl was raped by members of the Indian incumbent government and her father found dead subsequently under mysterious circumstances has stoked further criticism against the Indian government and sections of the society that is not only tolerating these barbaric acts but even protecting them.

The widespread protests against the complete failure of the Indian government to bring the perpetrators to justice, especially when government is complicit in such incidents, has exposed the deepening fissures in Indian society and the government, Faisal mentioned and added that this criticism is not confined to India but has spread to the whole world, including UK and Sweden.

All this is happening even while atrocities and human rights violation by Indian occupation forces continue in IOK including the shelling, cane charges and tear gas attacks by Indian forces on unarmed innocent students in IOK, he said.

“History is replete with instances of Pakistan being back-stabbed by India, rather than the other way around” reminding “It is India which continues to sponsor of acts of terrorism in Pakistan, research and analysis wing (RAW) spy Indian naval commander Kulbhushan Jadhav in Pakistan’s custody is the living proof of who exports terror,” Faisal highlighted.

We have repeatedly seen attempts in India to externalise internal problems or dragging in Pakistan for electoral gains, he reminded and added that the baseless Indian allegations are just sad political gimmickry, an absurd attempt to put on a show to divert attention from such heinous incidents and its abject failure.

India should take care of the skeletons in its closet and not drag other countries in ploys to secure votes, Faisal educated.

He reiterated that Pakistan categorically rejects the Indian allegations of attempts to incite Indian Sikh pilgrims on the issue of ‘Khalistan,’ by spreading such falsehoods India has chosen to deliberately stoke further controversy around the visit of pilgrims, currently attending the Baisakhi and Khalsa Janamdin ceremonies in Pakistan.

The Sikh community has been protesting against the government of India for screening a controversial movie in India, which offended their religious sentiments, Faisal disclosed and added that these protests had begun in India and other parts of the world before the Sikh pilgrims arrived in Pakistan.

In view of the charged situation and the explicit refusal of the Sikh pilgrims to meet Indian officials, the Indian high commissioner cancelled his visit on April 14, 2018, the Indian attempts to distort the truth and obfuscate facts are unethical and regrettable, he said.

It is ironic that the country, whose highest officials are on record for statements against the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Pakistan, chose to indulge in blatant hypocrisy by twisting the facts, Faisal said and added that the Indian atrocities continued unabated during last week also.

Indian occupation forces martyred four Kashmiris including a 21-years-old Aamir Hameed Lone in Kanga area of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the Indian occupation forces are using pellet guns with impunity on the peaceful protestors in the IOK, which continue to blind the innocent Kashmiris in hundreds, he concluded.