Pakistan expresses concern over sanctions on Turkey

By Staff Reporter
Thursday – December 17, 2020
ISLAMABAD: The foreign office (FO) on Wednesday mentioned, “Pakistan is deeply concerned on the imposition of sanctions on Turkey by the United States (US).”

According to a press release, Pakistan remains opposed to imposition of unilateral coercive measures against any country in principle.

The solution to all issues lie in dialogue, diplomacy and mutual understanding.

Pakistan acknowledges and appreciates Turkey’s invaluable role towards regional and international peace and stability.

The people and the government of Pakistan (GoP) reiterate their strong support for the government and the people of Turkey in their quest for national security, peace and prosperity, and as always, will continue to stand by them towards the achievement of these shared goals, FO press release concluded.

Earlier on Monday (December 14) Turkish FO responded, “We condemn and reject the decision to impose unilateral sanctions against Turkey as announced today by the US in the context of Turkey’s acquisition of S-400 air defence systems.”

According to a press release, Turkish FO continued: the conditions which compelled Turkey to acquire S-400 systems are well known.

US president Donald Trump himself has admitted on many instances that Turkey’s acquisition was justified.

US allegations that S-400 systems will jeopardise North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) systems are devoid of any technical merit.

Moreover, Turkey has repeatedly proposed to address this issue in an objective, realistic and politically unbiased manner through a working group with the participation of NATO.

Therefore, the US recourse to unilateral sanctions, by refusing our proposal to solve this matter through dialogue and diplomacy as befitting two allies, is completely senseless.

Turkey will take the necessary steps against this decision, which will negatively affect our relations and will retaliate in a manner and timing it deems appropriate.

Turkey will never refrain from taking the necessary measures to safeguard its national security.

With this understanding, we urge the US to reconsider this unfair decision as announced today and to rectify this grave mistake as soon as possible, while emphasising once again that Turkey stands ready to address this issue through dialogue and diplomacy in conformity with the spirit of alliance, Turkish FO press release concluded.

Earlier on Friday (December 11), Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said, “We have always highly valued European and US investors in our country, providing them with every kind of support” stressing “Sanction agendas, imposed with political motivations and without any rational basis, constitute an approach that is harmful to all parties and beneficial to no one.”

According to a press release, he continued, “We have long-standing political and economic relations with the US and the European Union (EU) which neither party can ever ignore or risk to lose.”

Turkish president Erdoğan reminded, “As Turkey, we haven’t taken any steps against the spirit of these relations, nor will we.”

He said, “I believe that the concrete steps to be taken on these issues will be shaped by common sense and mutual interests with due regard to the power of our potentials” adding “We think we have no issues which cannot be settled through dialogue and cooperation.”

Turkish president Erdoğan concluded, “Likewise, our doors are wide open to all investors and they will always be” adding “We hope the leaderships in the US and Europe can break free of the influence of anti-Turkey lobbies as soon as possible and rather adopt objective and sustainable policies.”