Pakistan demands end of violence against Rohingya

Staff Report
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan, on behalf of the organisation of Islamic cooperation (OIC), demanded immediate cessation of violence against Rohingya Muslims and other minorities and urged the government of Myanmar (GoM) to allow access to the united nations (UN) fact finding mission in the affected areas, grant immediate, safe and unhindered access to UN agencies and their partners for provision of humanitarian assistance in Rakhine state and to bring all perpetrators of violence to justice; an official statement said on Thursday.

Noting the progress made bilaterally between Bangladesh and Myanmar for repatriation of Rohingya refugees, ambassador Farukh Amil, Pakistan's permanent representative to the UN, in his statement at the 27th special session of the UN human rights council (UNHRC) in Geneva, observed that this ongoing violence had forced hundreds of thousands of innocent Rohingya women, men and children to flee into neighbouring states for refuge.

This called for reconciliation, which could come about only when discrimination against the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar ended.

Ambassador Amil stated that OIC remained ready to work with all stakeholders to prevent human rights violations on Rohingya Muslims.

He said that further efforts were needed to ensure the early return of the Rohingya refugees in an acceptable environment of safety and dignity to their ancestral homes in Myanmar.

Pakistan made this statement at the Special Session of the Human Rights Council (HRC) held in Geneva on Tuesday. The UNHRC adopted a resolution which called on Myanmar to immediately cease hostilities against Rohingya Muslim population and ensure safe and voluntary return of all refugees from Bangladesh.

33 Member States of the UNHRC had petitioned the convening of the special session.