Pakistan conducts training launch of Ghaznavi ballistic missile

By Staff Reporter
Friday – August 13, 2021
RAWALPINDI: Pakistan, on Thursday, conducted a training launch of surface to surface ballistic missile Ghaznavi.

According to an Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) press release, the successful training launch was aimed at ensuring operational readiness of army strategic forces command (ASFC), besides re-validating technical parameters of the weapon system.

The ASFC commander lieutenant general (Lt. Gen.) Muhammad Ali appreciated the excellent standard of training, handling of the weapon system and execution of launch mission in the field by troops.

The training launch was witnessed by ASFC commander Lt. Gen. Ali, senior officers from strategic plans division (SPD), ASFC, scientists and engineers of the strategic organisations.

The president, prime minister, chairman joint chiefs of staff committee and the service chiefs have congratulated all ranks of ASFC, the scientists and engineers on successful conduct of Thursday’s launch, ISPR press release concluded.

According to reports: Ghaznavi is a ‘hypersonic’ surface to surface short range ballistic missile (SRBM), capable of carrying 700 kilograms (kg) of nuclear and conventional warhead up to an operational range of 290 kilometres (km) at a maximum speed of Mach 5.

It has a single-stage solid fuel rocket motor engine.