Pakistan condemns Houthis attempted attack on Makkah

By Staff Reporter
Wednesday – May 22, 2019
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan condemned, on Tuesday, the firing of ballistic missiles by Houthis towards Makkah province and commends the vigilant Saudi defence forces for intercepting the missiles.

According to an official statement, Pakistan reaffirmed its solidarity with Saudi Arabia and reiterated its support against any threat to the security of the Kingdom.

According to reports, the royal Saudi air defence forces (RSADF) intercepted two ballistic missiles, on Monday, as one was on a trajectory towards the holy city of Makkah while the other one was headed towards Jeddah.

Both the ballistic missiles were fired by the Houthis in Yemen and were timely intercepted and destroyed by the RSADF over Taif, in the early morning on Monday.

The fragments of the ballistic missile on a projectile towards the holy city of Makkah fell in Wadi Jalil.

It is not the first time that the Houthi militants in Yemen fired ballistic missiles towards the holy city of Makkah, the last such incident took place in July 2017.