Pakistan bashes India on maltreatment of our diplomats

By Staff Reporter
Friday – March 16, 2018
ISLAMABAD: Foreign office (FO) spokesman Mohammad Faisal on Thursday blasted the incumbent Indian regime on failing to provide safety to Pakistani diplomats from local New Delhi street roaming thugs, despite that both the Pakistani government and high commission in India has raised this matter time and again with the complacent Indian authorities.

According to details, the Indian deputy high commissioner J.P. Singh was summoned to the FO and a strong protest was lodged at the ‘maltreatment’ being meted out to the officials and families of the Pakistan high commission in New Delhi.

This deliberate bullying, which continues is not confined to a single isolated event and continues unabated despite repeated official protests lodged with the Indian high commission, here in the federal capital, and also with the Indian ministry of external affairs.

Our high commission in India also shared photographs identifying the individuals, who forcibly halted and took pictures of the officers, with the Indian external affairs ministry. Regrettably “no positive action” has been taken by the Indian side so far.

The total apathy and failure of the Indian government to put a halt to these despicable incidents, sparing not even young children, indicates both a lack of capacity to protect foreign diplomats posted in India or a more reprehensible, complicit unwillingness to do so.

Under the Vienna convention, the safety and the security of Pakistani diplomats and their families is the responsibility of the Indian government.

On a question regarding bharatiya janata party’s (BJP) anti-Pakistan rhetoric, Faisal responded that rising extremism and prejudice in India is an alarming development. Maltreatment of minorities, especially Muslims, Sikh, Christians and Daalits is the norm with incidents of religious intolerance, bias and violence on the rise.

Reputable international organisations, including human rights watch (HRW) and amnesty international (AI) have already criticised India, especially the complicit government support to such incidents in some cases.

Similarly, Pakistan bashing has been an unfortunate norm in Indian politics for some time. Fanning and exploiting xenophobia, aggression and hatred against any community or country belies the sad reality behind the “Indian shameocracy”.