Pakistan-India repatriate civilian prisoners

By Staff Reporter
Tuesday – August 14, 2018
ISLAMABAD: Foreign office (FO), in a statement on Monday, announced the release of 30 Indian prisoners, including 27 fishermen; meanwhile the Indian FO, in a statement, announced the repatriation of 7 Pakistani civilian prisoners.

The FO confirmed that this is a humanitarian gesture to mark Pakistan’s “independence day” on August 14.

This is in line with Pakistan’s consistent policy of not politicising humanitarian issues. “It is our hope that the Indian side will also reciprocate in a similar manner,” FO concluded.

Reciprocating with the release of 7 Pakistani civilian prisoners, the Indian FO declared, “Earlier, 14 Pakistani fishermen were released and repatriated on August 7.”

The Indian statement added, “India attaches high priority to addressing humanitarian issues including early release and repatriation of Indian fishermen and prisoners in Pakistan’s custody” appreciating “Release of 178 Indian prisoners, including 174 fishermen, has been secured in 2018, so far.”