PM wants FBR’s track and trace system to avoid tax evasions

By Staff Reporter
Wednesday – March 17, 2021
ISLAMABAD: The prime minister (PM) Imran Khan, Tuesday, advocated the track and trace system for the federal board of revenue’s (FBR) planned automation to avoid tax evasions and on the usage of electronic voting machine (EVM) to ensure transparency in elections.

According to a press release, the PM chaired the session of the federal cabinet in the federal capital.

He said, “The track and trace system, which the FBR is introducing for automation, is to bring an end to massive tax evasions in major sectors of the economy, such as in sugar, cement, fertiliser and cigarettes, so that the government can rid itself from billions of rupees in losses.”

PM Khan continued, “The FBR is trying to implement the track and trace system since last 15 years to ensure automation however every time it is sabotaged.”

He informed, “The FBR had assured the incumbent regime that the track and trace system will be put in place by June 1” grieving “However now it has been brought to our attention that the Sindh High Court has ordered a stay.”

PM Khan educated, “The five years’ tax imposed by the FBR merely on the sugar industry after thorough investigation stands at Rs 400 billion” adding “Had the track and trace system in place there wasn’t any need for the FBR to investigate the matter.”

He disclosed, “In cigarettes, the 19 percent tax is paid by two companies but no tax is paid on 40 percent cigarette sale” stressing “We cannot stop this from happening if the track and trace system is not put in place.”

PM Khan lamented, “When the system is unable to stop massive tax evasions in powerful sectors of the economy the indirect taxes are imposed which leads to inflation [a rise in overall prices of good and services].”

He mentioned, “The installation of EVM to ensure transparency in elections has become the need of the day” reminding “In every election one gets to hear the cry that the elections were not conducted fairly.”

PM Khan concluded, “Therefore I need updates on EVM and on overseas Pakistanis voting mechanism in every cabinet meeting.”

Separately, PM Khan said that he supports the United Nations (UN) secretary general (SG) António Guterres demand for transparent supply of vaccines.

As a global public good, the UN has every right to the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine and to ensure its affordable and equitable access at earliest.

PM Khan seconds the UN SG Guterres demand for equitable provision of vaccine.

He concluded, “No one is safe from the virus unless everyone is safe.”