PM Khan wishes prosperity in Afghanistan

By Staff Reporter
Wednesday – September 30, 2020
ISLAMABAD: The prime minister (PM) Imran Khan expressed gratification, Tuesday, that the international community had come to recognise his stance on no military solution to the conflict in Afghanistan, where only a political solution is the way forward and that the same also acknowledged Pakistan’s positive role in facilitation of the Afghan peace process, the United States (US)-Taliban Peace Agreement being a major step forward.

According to an official statement, Afghanistan’s high council for national reconciliation (HCNR) chairman Abdullah Abdullah, along with his delegation, called on PM Khan in the federal capital.

Extending a warm welcome, the PM conveyed his best wishes for the successful outcome of the Afghan peace process and expressed the hope that HCNR chairman Abdullah’s visit will help open a new chapter in the bilateral relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Commending the start of the intra-Afghan negotiations in Doha on September 12, PM Khan expressed the hope that Afghan leadership will seize this historic opportunity to work together constructively and secure an inclusive, broad-based and comprehensive political settlement.

He underscored that all Afghan parties must work for reduction in violence leading to ceasefire and conveyed that Pakistan will support whatever the Afghans agree upon about the future of Afghanistan.

PM Khan reaffirmed Pakistan’s full support to post-conflict Afghanistan as the war stricken country moves forward on its path to reconstruction and economic development.

In the bilateral context, he highlighted that Pakistan and Afghanistan had immense trade complementarities and emphasised the need to optimally utilise these capacities for mutually beneficial trade and transit.

PM Khan assured that Pakistan will continue to undertake all efforts to facilitate Afghan transit trade and deepen our bilateral trade and economic ties and people-to-people exchanges with Afghanistan.

He stated that he was looking forward to his visit to Afghanistan on the invitation of Afghan president Ashraf Ghani.