PM Khan seeks solution to lower indirect taxes

By Staff Reporter
Tuesday – February 16, 2021
ISLAMABAD: The prime minister (PM) Imran Khan directed the government’s economic team to suggest out-of-box solutions, Monday, for reducing the burden of indirect taxes, on one hand, and also to ensure balance between State revenue and expenditure, on the other.

According to a press release, the PM chaired a meeting on steps to bring down prices of essential commodities.

PM Khan directed the finance minister (FM) Abdul Hafeez to minutely look into wheat procurement process and various administrative costs that are contributing towards raising the price of wheat.

FM Hafeez apprised the PM that a comprehensive and efficient plan is being prepared for wheat procurement and rationalisation of administrative costs involved in the process.

The special assistant to PM on revenue (SAPM-R) Waqar Masood briefed the PM about duty structure on imported edible oil and pulses and also presented a comparative analysis with other regional countries.

PM Khan said that his foremost priority is to provide maximum relief to the poor segments of society and said that every effort be made to lessen the burden of indirect taxes and provide relief to the people.

Discussing wheat and flour prices, the PM directed that every single penny, being spent in unnecessary administrative expenditures, must be saved.

The meeting was attended by federal ministers, advisors, SAPMs and senior government officials.