PM Khan pledges to shield poor from inflation

By Staff Reporter
Tuesday – March 9, 2021
ISLAMABAD: The prime minister (PM) Imran Khan pledged, Monday, “We shall make every effort to reduce the burden of inflation on the poor.”

According to a press release, the PM chaired a meeting on direct subsidy from the government for the purchase of food and other necessities to the deserving and poor members of the society.

He was given a detailed briefing on the proposed Ehsas food stamp programme.

The special assistant to PM on poverty alleviation (SAPM-PA) Sania Nishtar briefed PM Khan on the features and modalities of the proposed programme.

Under the programme, the government will provide direct subsidy to the deserving people for the purchase of essential items.

Direct subsidies will provide direct, transparent and prompt government assistance to the beneficiaries.

The purpose of the programme is to adopt the method of direct financing from the system of indirect subsidies.

The PM was presented with statistics and preliminary estimates of the families and individuals who have benefited from the programme.

Appreciating the proposed programme, PM Khan said that the incumbent is fully aware of the burden on the poor due to the economic situation in the country.

“It is our responsibility to bring relief to the poor” adding “We are fully aware of our responsibility and we will go to great lengths to fulfil it,” PM Khan declared.

“Transparent and efficient use of government subsidies is the top priority of the incumbent regime,” he mentioned.

PM Khan directed all concerned to finalise the procedures and statistics regarding the proposed system as soon as possible so that the programme could be launched as soon as possible.

The meeting was attended by finance minister Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, industry minister Muhammad Hamad Azhar, advisor Ishrat Hussain, SAPMs Waqar Masood, Sania Nishtar, State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) governor Raza Baqir, secretaries of relevant ministries and other senior officials.