PM Khan laments the horse trading in Senate polls

By Staff Reporter
Friday – March 5, 2021
ISLAMABAD: The prime minister (PM) Imran Khan, Thursday, grieved the alleged horse trading in Senate polls and lamented, “The failure of the election commission (EC) to hold fair and transparent elections has damaged the country’s morale and democracy.”

According to a press release, the PM addressed the nation, via a live television broadcast, to express his grief on alleged buying and selling of votes in the parliamentary polls of the upper house.

He continued, “Conducting fair and transparent elections is the constitutional responsibility of the EC” grieving “The way the markets were setup in the Senate election, the conscience was sold, it is a sign of moral degradation.”

PM Khan questioned, “What was the reason that the parties that demanded open ballot in the past now demanded a secret ballot?” hinting “Corrupt gang was trying to blackmail me to get the national reconciliation ordinance (NRO).”

He alleged, “Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) puts national interest at stake in every issue, including the financial action task force (FATF), to protect corruption” arguing “The corrupt parties united on fear of accountability.”

PM Khan alleged, “The opposition wanted to take the NRO by brandishing the sword of no-confidence” declaring “But I do not dear the chair.”

He reiterated, “Neither the chair is dear, nor power, the only concern is the future of the country.”

PM Khan sorrowed, “What happened in the Senate election is a reflection of all the problems in the country” worrying “What example are we setting for our young generation by allowing the buying and selling of votes?”

He maintained, “The democracy was undermined by ordering the secret ballot.”

PM Khan reminded, “The sole purpose of entering politics was to ensure the rule of law” highlighting “Ending corruption is the responsibility of the entire nation, not just Imran Khan.”