PM Khan directs expediting of PEP-2021

By Staff Reporter
Tuesday – February 16, 2021
ISLAMABAD: The prime minister (PM) Imran Khan directed, Monday, that the proposed Pakistan Education Policy 2021 (PEP-2021) be finalised at earliest and in consultation with all the provincial governments and stakeholders for the promotion of education in line with modern requirements and develop a comprehensive roadmap to make implementation possible by clearly defining goals and priorities.

According to a press release, PM Khan chaired a meeting on promotion of education, use of technology in education system and skilled education.

The education and professional training minister (EPTM) Shafqat Mehmood briefed the meeting that his ministry has initiated pilot projects in the field of education system, measures for distance education during the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic and use of technology.

He informed about the launch of “skills for all” projects countrywide, the progress of various projects related to the promotion of digital literacy and knowledge economy.

EPTM Mehmood took steps to educate out-of-school children, especially girls, in backward areas, trained 50,000 youth in artificial intelligence (AI) and other modern sciences under the Skilled Pakistan Programme, established national skills accreditation council (NSAC), and with the participation of international organisations.

Giving a detailed briefing on the national curriculum regarding various types of sciences and skills in vocational institutions, he informed that his ministry is formulating the PEP-2021.

The policy provides equal opportunities for easy access to quality education and easy access to modern sciences and special attention is being paid to the provision of education and skills in line with employment opportunities.

Ata-ur-Rehman addressed the meeting on the use of technology for the promotion of education, accreditation from international institutions, enhancement of teacher capacity, AI in the country and briefed on various proposals for the promotion of biotechnology and other modern sciences and made recommendations on a strategic action plan based on objectives in consultation with all stakeholders.

PM Khan said that unfortunately no attention was paid to the education sector in the past.

The vast majority of the country’s population is young and the potential of these young people can only be harnessed when they have equal opportunities to acquire modern knowledge, he continued.

PM Khan mentioned that the technological revolution is only possible if we equip young people with a changing and modern education system.

He reiterated the commitment of the federal government to take all possible steps for the promotion of education and said that education was the top priority of the incumbent regime.

The meeting was attended by Rehman, EPTM Mehmood, education secretary, foreign secretary, information technology secretary, national information technology board (NITB) head, national university of technology (NUTECH) head and private sector experts.