PAB publishes Punjabi Zubaan

By Staff Reporter
Monday – March 5, 2018
ISLAMABAD: Lahore based Punjabi adabi board (PAB) published a book named “Punjabi zubaan,” the book compiles the essays written in different newspapers and magazines by Sardar Muhammad Khan, who also is the sole author of a “Punjabi Urdu dictionary”.

According to details, the book also includes some other unpublished essays which Khan intended to add in the preface of his Punjabi Urdu dictionary.

Some other essays in the book include the work of his daughter R. Khanum, of which one particular essay named “Punjabi aaraab” details the Punjabi ‘vowels’.

Yet another essay of her is on “how to read and write Punjabi”.

The book is priced at Rs 450 and has 253 pages.