Over 500 civilians leave eastern Ghouta

By Monitoring Desk
Monday – March 26, 2018
MOSCOW (Russia): More than 500 civilians left eastern Ghouta via Muhayam al-Wafedin checkpoint on Sunday, Syrian civilians continue leaving the eastern Ghouta via checkpoints of the humanitarian corridor under the auspices of the Russian centre for reconciliation (RCR).

According to an official statement, RCR is providing people with hot meals, food sets, bad linen, and drinking water at the checkpoints and camps for refugees.

In total, 108,000 people have been evacuated since the humanitarian pauses were introduced under the auspices of the RCR in the eastern Ghouta.

The RCR continues normalising humanitarian situation in the Syrian Arab republic. Over the last 24 hours, civilians have received 1,250 sets with food supplies, 700 liters of bottled drinking water, and 2,600 portions of hot meals.