Niger eyes Pakistani FDI, offers to establish SEZ

By Staff Reporter
Saturday – June 19, 2021
ISLAMABAD: Niger’s industries and commerce minister (ICM) Gado Sabo Muctar shared the plan of his government, on Friday, to establish a special economic zone (SEZ) for Pakistan to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) and manufacturing in Niger.

According to a press release, Niger’s ICM called on industries and production minister (IPM) Khusro Bakhtyar in the federal capital.

Niger’s ICM Muctar said that the prime focus is to set up a joint working group (JWG) for exchange of experience at both policy and operational level for setting up SEZs, so that, both countries will establish long-term trade relations.

IPM Bakhtyar thanked the government of Niger (GoN) for extending support to Pakistan on Kashmir issue.

He said that the government of Pakistan (GoP) recently launched ‘look Africa initiative’ which envisages various measures to enhance trade with Africa and increase outreach to major African economies.

While highlighting the investment-friendly policies of the incumbent regime, the IPM said that Pakistan is willing to tap the huge potential of Niger’s market through bilateral trade cooperation in field of textile, auto industry, mining and agriculture.

He underlined the importance of enhancing economic outreach through formal structure accompanied by the regular high-level contacts, government-to-government and business-to-business interactions.

IPM Bakhtyar proposed to form working group on industrial cooperation under joint ministerial commission between Niger and Pakistan to embark upon joint ventures related to business and trade.

The visit of Niger’s cabinet minister is aimed at building on the priorities set by Niger’s government to boost economic ties with Pakistan.

The meeting was attended by the industries and production secretary, ambassador of Pakistan in Niger, representative of the business community of Niger and the federation of Pakistan chambers of commerce and industry (FPCCI).