Netanyahu says invest in Israel for reciprocity

Monitoring Desk
Friday - January 19, 2018
MUMBAI (India): Israeli prime minister (PM) Benjamin Netanyahu, on Thursday, said, “We are truly your partners” asserting “This is a partnership made in heaven” adding “Let us now consecrate it on earth” inviting “Come to Israel, invest in Israel and Israel will come here as well;” an official statement said.

According to detail, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, at a power breakfast in India, met with senior Indian businesspeople.

He called on them to invest in Israel in a variety of fields and invited them to join the long list of major international companies that have already invested in Israel and opened research and development centers there.

Netanyahu said that he was certain that in Israel they could find advanced technological solutions in a variety of fields.

He then participated in a forum with Israeli business delegation and Indian businesspeople. Reports suggest that the Israeli business delegation, currently evaluating Indian market in Mumbai, is the largest delegation that has ever accompanied an Israeli PM on an official visit.

Given that Mumbai is the seat of many of India’s most successful major companies, the goal of the Israeli business delegation is to deepen economic ties and create joint business opportunities between Israeli and Indian businesspeople.

Netanyahu said, “In this room there’s some of the most talented and successful chief executive officers (CEOs) from India and Israel and you got here because you are great competitors” adding “My message to you is to never stop competing because competition benefits us all.”

He asserted, “It’s what allows the development of the most cutting edge technology at the lowest price.”

Netanyahu educated, “And I also want to warn you – don’t rest on your laurels. Competition never ends. It never ends. Now I know that you think, well, you know if you establish enough market share you can rest, it will be over. It’s never over. Even the giants now in the information world that are capturing the world, if they think it’s over- they’re over” asserting “Because you will have destructive technology, you will have something new coming in and taking even the giants down.”

He said, “You can never stop competing. So we have to organise our national economies in a way that makes it profitable, makes it possible and makes it easy to compete and innovate.”

Israeli PM hoped, “We have to continue this process within our own countries but we have to bring the talents of Indians and Israelis together. One of the things that we are trying to do is facilitate a simple thing – an efficient direct flight route between Israel and India of the kind that we have between Israel and Silicon Valley, the kind we now have between Israel and China, at China’s initiative” adding “Because the ability to have these contacts is enormously important for you to build value and create innovation without our interference and with our support” promising “This is what we are committed to.”       

He concluded, “I want you to know that you will be received in Israel with unbelievable warmth. I would say with tremendous affection and love. There is a deep and abiding respect for India, for the people of India, for the culture of India. We are two of the oldest cultures on earth. We are democracies. We share our love for freedom and we share our love for humanity.”

Maharashtra chief minister (CM) Devendra Gangadharro Fadnavis attended the event.