Netanyahu reckons half of middle east likes Israel

Monitoring Desk
ISLAMABAD: Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, addressing his weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday revealed, “What is also interesting is that half of the public in the countries in the Middle East that were reviewed, the assets and strength of Israel are appreciated and they believe that their country could benefit by links with Israel;” an official statement said.

He said, “Israeli foreign ministry carried out a comprehensive survey of 54 countries, of the citizens of those countries I must emphasize the main finding is that in 47 out of 54 countries, a majority of the people there, believe that their country will benefit from links with Israel” appreciating “This is a gigantic change.”

Netanyahu admired, “When I say again and again that Israel is a rising global power; I know what I am talking about” adding “One need only see the 12 hours I was in Africa, or in Latin America on my recent tour there, or on visits to Asia and everywhere else, to see this” asserting “Israel is a sought-after, developed and strong country that even the citizens of countries with which we do not have official relations understand the benefit of relations with Israel.”

He mentioned, “Today the Cabinet will approve a comprehensive reform in the business registration law that will focus on easements for the small and intermediate businesses that are the cornerstone of our economy” adding “This will reduce the regulatory and bureaucratic burden on these businesses and will ease the establishment of new businesses.”

Netanyahu related, “The United States (US) made a decision last night to lower taxes” asserting “There as well they are fighting bureaucracy; we are in a global world” educating “We cannot lag in the easements that we are giving our business sector, vis-à-vis both taxes and reduced regulation and bureaucracy.”