Nepal wants to restart agricultural working level meetings

By Staff Reporter
Thursday – March 11, 2021
ISLAMABAD: Nepal ambassador, to Pakistan, Tapas Adhikari said, Wednesday, that the agricultural working level meeting to make agricultural ties stronger needs to be restarted and recalled that the last agricultural working level meeting took place over a decade ago.

According to a press release, Nepalese envoy Adhikari, called on the national food security and research minister (NFSRM) Syed Fakhar Imam in the federal capital.

Both dignitaries talked about the importance of agriculture in the region.

NFSRM Imam stressed upon mutual cooperation for the betterment of Pakistan-Nepal relationship with respect to the agriculture sector.

Conclusively, both dignitaries agreed upon the impact and significance of agricultural advancements and agreed to work towards a more cordial relationship between Pakistan and Nepal.