Nashad: Self-confidence – E.3

By Anis Shakur
Sunday, 17 December 2017
ISLAMABAD: A new generation has discovered Nashad and his individualist musical masterpieces. On a spring day in Pakistan, optimism is as near at hand as the next perfect stone. The same holds true to Nashad’s musical compositions.

Below are three examples:

‘Yoon kho gaye teray pyar mein hum.’ Singer, Mujeeb Alam. Director Luqman’s 1970 film ‘Afsana.’

‘Hum ko tumharay sar ki qasam.’ Ahmed Rushdi, the film ‘Afsana.’

‘Tera pyar meri ibadat hai.’ Singer, Mala, the film ‘Afsana.’

Those who have studied Nashad’s amazing musical talents understand that each song Nashad composed represents immense preliminary labors, endless observations and a worldwide knowledge. Below are three examples:

‘Khuda karay keh mohabbat mein wo maqaam Aaye.’ Solo, Mehdi Hasan- Noor Jehan. Director Javed Hashmi’s 1971 film ‘Afshan.’

‘Mili hai Aaj zamanay ki her khushi mujh ko.’ Duet, Ahmed Rushdi- Nikhat Seema. The film ‘Afshan.’

‘Kaheye mizaaj kaisay hain.’ Singer, Ahmed Rushdi, the film ‘Afshan.’

Since his earliest days, Nashad had learned a lot about music and forgot almost nothing. His memory was appalling, his outlook infallible, he possessed, to guess right, instinct, experience and recollection. Below are three examples:

‘Mein nay ik Aashiyaan banaya tha, ab bhi shayad wo jal raha hoga.’ Singer, Noor Jehan. Director Qamar Zaidi’s 1971 film ‘Rim jhim.’

‘Sawaal per meray khamosh hai zabaan teri.’ Duet, Ahmed Rushdi- Noor Jehan.

Sure, poignant strains of Nashad’s melody emerges as one listens to the song, ‘Dhoond rahi theen janay kab say teri surat meri Aankhein.’ Duet, Ahmed Rushdi- Mala. Director S. Sulaiman’s 1971 movie ‘Teri surat meri Aankhein.’

Also the song, ‘Garaybaan chaak kar liya hum nay.’ Singer, Mala, the film ‘Teri surat meri Aankhein.’

Listening to this song is a riveting experience, ‘Mohabbat karnay walo mohabbat kis ko kehtay hain.’ Singer, Ghulam Fareed Sabri- Maqbool Fareed Sabri. Director S. Sulaiman’s 1972 movie ‘Ilzaam.’

From the poignancy of the song ‘Hum pay ilzaam to aisay bhi hai waisay bhi sahi.’ Noor Jehan, the film ‘Ilzaam’ to the grandeur of the song ‘Aik baat kahoon kaho, dil ka raaz kahoon kaho.’ Duet, Ahmed Rushdi- Runa Laila, the film ‘Ilzaam.’ Nashad’s versatility is evident in every composition.

Nashad knew by heart most of the musical lessons he had read, he had kept in his neurons all the pictures his retina had reflected. Nashad always told his novitiates to do: Focus on the music. Below are two examples:

‘Ik baar chalay Aao phir Aa kay chalay jana.’ Singer, Mehdi Hasan, the 1972 film ‘Ik raat.’

‘Kis nay bajaae hai ye baansaria.’ Singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Ik raat.’

Nashad achieved success through hard work and perseverance. Quality songs aspire to grandeur and seriousness. Nashad’s songs like the three below are a more authentic mirror of life in our eastern culture:

‘Aye mohabbat tera jawab naheen, tujh say barh kar koi sharab naheen.’ Singers, Shaukat Ali, Irene Perveen, Tasawwar Khanum. Director M. Sadiq’s 1972 film ‘Baharo phool barsao.’

‘Ye ghar mera gulshan hai, gulshan ka Khuda Hafiz.’ Singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Baharo phool barsao.’

‘Meray dil ki hai Aawaz keh bichhra yaar melay ga.’ Masood Rana, the film ‘Baharo phool barsao.’

Nashad could feel energy in music and his spirits soared. Insatiable drive for success led Nashad to more hard work. The cine-goers fall under the spell of Nashad’s music. Below are three examples:

‘Aye parda nasheen gar Aaj kaheen ik aur nazara ho jaye.’ Singers, Tasawwar Khanum- Mala, the film ‘Baharo phool barsao.’

‘Meri jaan yaar badshah, hua hai pyar badshah.’ Singer, Ahmed Rushdi, the film ‘Baharo phool barsao.’

‘Chanda ray chanda kuchh tu he bata mera afsana.’ Singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Baharo phool barsao.’

Nashad had the savvy to motivate the singers. A good example is director Iqbal Yusuf’s 1972 film ‘Hill station.’

Nashad saw true, compared swiftly, and understood intuitively. Below is one example:

‘Pyar ko hum bana yein gey aisee misaal.’ Singer, Noor Jehan. Director Fareed Ahmed’s 1972 film ‘Suhaag.’

Nashad was always looking for a new challenge. Moreover, his working life offers a hopeful example of how much the composer can attain, if we just give him the chance. Below are three examples:

‘Kis nay laboan per geet bikhe ray.’ Duet, Noor Jehan- Ahmed Rushdi, the film ‘Suhaag.’

‘Kuchh he dino ki baat hai.’ Singer, Ahmed Rushdi, the film ‘Suhaag.’

‘Is khat ko meri Aakhri tehreer samajh na.’ Singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Suhaag.’

Nashad’s admirers had seen the satisfaction in his smile and they felt it in his handshakes. Nashad continues to live through his immortal songs like ‘Aaj tak yaad hai wo pyar ka manzar mujh ko.’ Singer, Mehdi Hasan, the 1973 film ‘Sehray kay phool.’

Likewise, songs like this one below still rank among the favorites of music buffs, ‘Unka he tasawwar hai mehfil ho keh tanhai.’ Singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Sehray kay phool.’

The power of the man and his music really hit home in the song, ‘Mujhay kar daina deewana teray andaaz mastana.’ Singer, Mehdi Hasan. Director Zafar Shabab’s 1973 film ‘Naya raasta.’

Also in the song, ‘Khat phar kay tera Aadhi mulaqaat ho gaye.’ Singer, Mala, the film ‘Naya raasta.’

In fact, Nashad became the defining voice for quality songs and excellence in show business. His true genius was to create music for the two songs below:

‘Zindigi mein to sabhi pyar kiya kartay hain, mein to mar kar bhi meri jaan tujhay chahoon ga.’ Singer, Mehdi Hasan, filmmaker Darpan’s 1973 movie ‘Azmat.’

‘Tum he nay mujh say kaha tha.’ Singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Azmat.’ (To be continued...)