Nashad: Self-confidence – E.2

By Anis Shakur
ISLAMABAD: Nashad’s last film in India as a music composer was the 1962 film ‘Flying man,’ he migrated to Pakistan in the same year.

Nashad debuted as a music composer in the 1964 film ‘Maikhana’ in Pakistan. Director Nakhshab Jar Choi, scriptwriter, Agha Nasir.

Nashad reached the pinnacle of a remarkable career by following his own instincts. Below are two examples:

‘Pee kay maikhanay chalo’ singer, Naseem Begum, the film ‘Maikhana.’

‘Jaan keh kar jo bulaya to bura maan gaye.’ Singer, Saleem Raza, the film ‘Maikhana.’

To listen to Nashad’s music is to live through impressively sumptuous celebration. Below are Nashad’s two celebrated songs:

‘Mein deewana mujhay na cheiro’ Singer, Mehdi Hasan.

‘Ik apna hai, ik baygana.’ Singer, Mehdi Hasan.

Nashad took songs that had been at a certain level for some years and stirred things up. He also showed a knack for tapping into the mood of the time with songs like the two below:

‘Deikho deikho ray julm naahe Aaye sanwarya.’ Singer, Noor Jehan, director Yunus Rahi’s 1966 film ‘Jalwa.’

‘Ho laagi ray, laagi lagan meray dil mein.’ Singer, Mehdi Hasan, the film ‘Jalwa.’

An accomplished composer of Pakistani show business, Nashad’s many contributions to movies have embedded him in the Pakistani psyche. Below are two examples:

‘Koi ja kay unsay kehday hamay yoon na Aazma yein.’ Singer, Mujeeb Alam, the film ‘Jalwa.’

‘Dam mastt qalander Ali Ali.’ Singers, Ahmed Rushdi- Muneer Husain, the film ‘Jalwa.’

‘I have always delighted most in my work in the films.’ Nashad once remarked. Always the innovator, Nashad went on to produce such romantic duets like ‘Masoom sa chehra hai hum jis kay hain deewanay,’ which was a formidable achievement. Singers, Ahmed Rushdi- Runa Laila. Director Qamar Zaidi’s 1967 film ‘Rishta hai pyar ka.’ Below are two more examples:

‘Zakhm-e-dil chupa kay royain gey, tujh ko Aazma kay royain gey.’ Singer, Naseem Begum, the film ‘Rishta hai pyar ka.’

‘Bari meherbani, bari he inayat.’ Singer, Masood Rana, the film ‘Rishta hai pyar ka.’

The lyrics below explain why every song seems to jump right out of the cassette and every singer’s voice is so appealing and attractive:

‘Lay Aaye phir kahan per qismat hamay kahan say.’ Singer, Noor Jehan, director Qamar Zaidi’s 1969 film ‘Saalgira.’ Music, Nashad.

‘Meri zindigi hai naghma, meri zindigi fasana.’ Singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Saalgira.’

The three songs below are the meritorious and memorable ones and explain Nashad’s marvelous profundity of output by an assumed mediocrity of talent:

‘Zulf ko teri ghataon ka payam Aaya hai.’ Singer, Mehdi Hasan, the film ‘Saalgira.’

‘Lazzat-e-souz-e-jigar pooch lay perwanay say.’ Duet, Ahmed Rushdi- Irene Perveen.

‘Teray waday say meri zindigi saji.’ Duet, Ahmed Rushdi- Irene Perveen.

Nashad is revered for all his music compositions in general and for the film ‘Tum milay pyar mila’ in particular. Further, Nashad was one of Pakistani cinema’s most versatile composers. Below are two examples:

‘Gori kay sar pay saj kay, sehray kay phool kahain gey.’ Singer, Ahmed Rushdi. Director Iqbal Yusuf’s 1969 film ‘Tum milay pyar mila.’

The tragic duet ‘Aap ko bhool jaayein hum itnay to baywafa naheen.’ Singers, Mehdi Hasan- Noor Jehan, the film ‘Tum milay pyar mila.’

Those who met Nashad knew that his life was fulfilling and his task was rewarding. Below are two examples:

‘Mujh ko ulfat bhi naheen, mujh ko adawat bhi naheen.’ Singer, Mujeeb Alam, the film ‘Tum milay pyar mila.’

‘Apnay pehlu may meray dil ko machal janay do.’ Duet, Mehdi Hasan- Noor Jehan, the film ‘Tum milay pyar mila.’

The filmmakers relied heavily on Nashad’s compositions. Nashad, in turn, offered his best music for every movie. Two songs below:

‘Ho dilruba kaisa ye jadu kiya.’ Duet, Ahmed Rushdi- Irene Perveen

‘Ye haseen wadian ye sama.’ Singer, Irene Perveen.

Nashad’s musical talent was huge. As such, it appealed to everyone. The three songs below are at the forefront of music buffs:

‘Unhe ko dhoond rahi hai nigah-e-shauq meri.’ Solo, Noor Jehan- Mehdi Hasan. The 1970 film ‘Chand suraj.’

‘Wo zameen aur ho, Aasmaan aur ho.’ Duet, Noor Jehan- Masood Rana. The film ‘Chand suraj.’

‘Aa bhi jaao saajna armano kay gulzaroan mein.’ Singer, Noor Jehan. The film ‘Chand suraj.’

Nashad’s compositions are outstanding. He transforms them into musical accomplishments. He continued with that jewel of his music compositions. Below are two examples:

‘Tu nay baar baar kiya mujhay bay qaraar.’ Singer, Mala. Director Humayun Mirza’s 1969 film ‘Saza.’

‘Mein kyon daman ko phailaoon.’ Singer, Ahmed Rushdi.

Furthermore, Nashad filled this tragic song with emotional power, ‘Jab bhi chahain ik naye surat bana lay tay hain loag.’ Singer, Mehdi Hasan, the film ‘Saza.’ (To be continued...)