Nashad: Self-confidence – E.1

By Anis Shakur
ISLAMABAD: I agree with Sage Francis Bacon that ‘a wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.’ His is a judicious statement that rings true to the music great Nashad.

Ye kis ki sada Aaye ye kis nay pukara hai, in ajnabi rahoan mein ye kaun hamara hai

There are few gifts greater than friendship; Nashad’s music is one of them. Nashad was born Shaukat Ali in Delhi, India, on July 11, 1923. He received his early academic education in a local high school in Delhi.

Nashad was drawn to music at a young age. He learnt to play flute and mastered it with astonishing rapidity. His immense love of music took him to Bombay. Nashad felt privileged to work with probably the two all-time greatest music composers of the Sub-continent, Master Ghulam Haider and Naushad. Additionally, Nashad coordinated with a group of instrumentalists and attained expertise in various musical instruments.

Let us go backward in time—Along the Indo-Pak Subcontinent, the movie studio walls whisper of scores of years. If we listen to the echo, they have much to say.

Nashad changed his name to Shaukat Dehelvi and made his music debut in director Shev Raj’s 1947 action film ‘Dildaar.’ Songwriter, C.M. Muneer, cast included Sagina, Yashonat, Dev Radha and Deepak. Nashad is a shining example of the value of early music education.

Blessed with an unparalleled aptitude for music and trained in music by his teachers at a young age, Nashad had a liking for flute-playing as well.

In 1948, Nashad composed music for the film ‘Jeenay do,’ which was released under the banner of J. Hind Chitra. This time Nashad listed his name as Shaukat Husain. Director, A.F.Keka and Majeed. Cast included Monica Devi, Pana Laal, Haresh, Ratan Piya, Laila Gupta and Shanta Kanwar.

Nashad’s concept is timeless. So is his music. Basically, Nashad was a praiseworthy, lovable and a hard working person. He retained these qualities up until his death. He composed songs for the 1948 movie ‘Payal’ and listed his name as Shaukat Ali.

Nashad’s music compositions in the 1948 film ‘Suhagi’ took him a foot higher on the climb up the cliff. He changed his name to Shaukat Dehelvi in ‘Suhagi.’ Through his music, Nashad could speak the tragic sense of the story.

In 1948, Nashad also composed songs for the film ‘Tutay taray’. His name appeared as Shaukat Dehelvi in ‘Tutay taray’. It was released under the banner of Sheikh Mukhtar’s film production unit called ‘Omar Khayyam films’. Director, Haresh, cast included Shamim Banu and Moti Laal. In ‘Tutay taray’ Nashad composed Bahadur Shah Zafar’s ghazal ‘Na kisi ki Aankh ka noor hoon, na kisi kay dil ka qaraar hoon.’

Nashad composed songs with the intensity of a master composer and rightly so. In 1949, Nashad composed music for actor-director Yaqoob’s movie, ‘Aaeye.’ Yaqoob and Silo Chena Cheterji played the lead roles.

Nashad composed songs with confidence and exuberance, which is expected from a veteran music composer. In 1949, Nashad changed his name to Shaukat Husain Haideri and composed songs for director Haresh’s film ‘Dada.’  It was released under the banner of ‘Omar Khayyam films.’ Cast included Sheikh Mukhtar, Begum Para, Munawwar Sultana, Shayam, Murad, Mukhri, and Gullu. It was released in Jubilee cinema, Karachi.

I think the readers will agree with me that innovation was one of Nashad’s very best values. Reverting to his movies, in 1953, the film director, Nakhshab Jar Chori, changed Shaukat Ali’s name to Nashad. This name accompanied him for the rest of his life.

Nashad composed songs for director Nakhshab’s 1953 movie ‘Naghma.’ Nadira and Ashok Kumar played the lead roles in ‘Naghma.’

It seems that Nashad knew just how to make music tick. The three films below can evoke so many memories:

The film ‘Chaar chand’, cast included Sheyama and Saresh. Music, Nashad.

The film ‘Darwaza’, cast included Sheyama and Chandar Shehkar. Nashad introduced singer Sauman Kalyan Pur for the first time in ‘Darwaza.’ Director, Shahid Lateef, husband of writer Asmat Chughtai.

The film ‘Sub say bara rupayya’, director, P.L. Santoshi. Cast included Shasshi Kala and Sundar. Music, Nashad and O.P. Nayyar.

Nashad used his skill to invigorate every musician who shared the stage with him. Moreover, Nashad possessed the rhythm and melody, the blend of sounds, the energy and passion. Assuredly, he had veneration for music. Below are three success stories of Nashad:

The 1955 film ‘Shehzada’, cast included Shela Ramani and Ajeet. Director, Mohan Sehna. Music, Nashad and S. Mahinder. The film ‘Jawab.’

The listener’s imagination awakes at Nashad’s first musical notes. Then there are innumerable moviegoers who fall passionately in love with Nashad as soon as they listen to his songs at random. Below are Nashad’s four accomplishments:

The film ‘Aawara shehzadi’ cast included Meena Shori and Diljeet. Director, Pyaray Laal, music, Nashad and Jimmy.

The film ‘Jallad’ cast included Veena, Munawwar Sultana and Nasir Khan.

The film ‘Bara bhai’ cast included Kaamni Koshal and Ajeet.

The film ‘Mehfil’ cast included Rehana and Diljeet.

Daily practice is needed to hone the strength necessary to break into a field. It is also the norm for successful people like Nashad at their peak. Nashad’s four movies below:

The film ‘Hathkari,’ cast included Shakila and Moti Laal.

The film ‘Zindigi ya tufaan’ cast included Nautan and Perdeep Kumar.

The film ‘Zara bachh kay’ cast, Nanda and Saresh.

The film ‘Qatil’ cast, Chitra and Prem Nath.

Nashad was an ideal music composer to millions of music lovers because he became the people’s musician. His ultimate excellence was a product of total commitment and dedication over the long term. Below are Nashad’s four more movies:

The film ‘Flight to Aasaam’ cast, Shakila and Ranjan.

The film ‘Pyar ki dastaan’, cast, Anita Goha and Saresh Kumar.

The film ‘Roop laikha’ cast, Wajeeh Chaudhri and Mahi Paal.

The film ‘Maya mehel’ cast, Helen and Mahi Paal. (To be continued...)