NTCB performs groundbreaking of a five-star hotel in Chitral

By Staff Reporter
Thursday – October 29, 2020
DIR: The national tourism coordination board (NTCB) chairman Sayed Zulfikar Abbas Bukhari, Wednesday, performed ground-breaking of a five-star hotel in Chitral, to ensure provision of quality accommodation and dining facilities to visitors/tourists.

According to a press release, addressing the ground-breaking ceremony, he said the facility was being set up in collaboration with the private sector.

NTCB chairman Bukhari said concerted efforts were being made to encourage the private sector for its active participation in the promotion of tourism sector.

The 80-bed hotel, having two restaurants and a hall with 500-person sitting capacity, is being constructed by overseas Pakistani Anwar Aman, who announced to invest around five billion rupees in the tourism sector.

NTCB chairman Bukhari, who also holds the portfolio of special assistant to the prime minister (SAPM) on overseas Pakistanis and human resource development (OPHRD), extended his gratitude to the Pakistani diaspora for contributing in the national development.

He said his government had a comprehensive plan to promote the country as a customised brand across the globe.

The NTCB chairman said the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC), the premier tourism body, was gearing up to launch all the initiatives, delayed due to closure of the sector in the wake of coronavirus (COVID-19).

The PTDC, he said, had developed Brand Pakistan with the help of international experts and will launch it soon to introduce the country as a tourism brand worldwide.

Brand Pakistan had three main components, including brand identity development, musical score creation and interactive e-portal, NTCB chairman Bukhari elaborated.

He said an exclusive e-portal will soon be launched to provide a world class exposure to Pakistan’s tourist attractions through one click.

“The portal will consist of a user-friendly interface to interact with the prospective tourists and provide them online connectivity to view Pakistan’s tourist sites through virtual galleries, videos and documentaries, and avail the various available services,” NTCB chairman Bukhari said, and added, the government had formulated the national tourism strategy 2020-2030, which was in a launching process.

It was meant to develop a harmonised framework for the tourism sector, after taking all stakeholders on board.

It will focus on four key areas, including good governance, tourism demand and supply, jobs creation and enabling growth.

He said the country was also preparing to host the World Tourism Forum next year to showcase the country’s tourism potential, attract investment and build Pakistan into an international brand.

The participation of over 1,000 foreign visitors, including investors, companies, tourists and holiday makers is expected.

Highlighting the tourism promotion steps taken by the incumbent regime in last two years, NTCB chairman Bukhari said prior to the COVID-19, the government undertook multiple initiatives at policy level, formed authorities at the federal level to boost coordination among federating units and opened up the country by easing the visa process to revive the sector once lurching from crisis to crisis due to slackness of the previous regimes.

He said the government constituted the NTCB with representation from all the provinces and stakeholders.

9 working groups were formed to assist the NTCB, with each group assigned a specific thematic area such as Policy and Regulatory Reforms, Eco Tourism, Culture and Heritage Tourism and Religious Tourism Working Group.

The board was responsible for coordination between federal, provincial and regional tourism organisations / departments, along with international tourism bodies for promoting the country’s tourism potential.