NCM Swati warns about drug peddling

By Staff Reporter
Tuesday – October 6, 2020
ISLAMABAD: The narcotics control minister (NCM) Azam Khan Swati said, Monday, a drugs free country is our top priority and we are bringing strict laws against drugs smugglers and sellers, which will make prosecution more stricter.

According to an official statement, NCM Swati gave a lecture to under training officers at the anti-narcotics force (ANF) academy, in the federal capital.

“ANF has a huge responsibility on its shoulders because the network of drug smugglers is spread all over the world. We have to break and dismantle their network in Pakistan and make the country drug free,” he said.

NCM Swati said that the job of investigating officers (IOs) is very sensitive and difficult, as they have to fight against drug smugglers and dealers in the field and in court.

“Your slightest negligence can get the enemy of humanity out of your hands,” he asserted.

NCM Swati said that strict laws have been made against drug dealers and smugglers and the new laws will be passed by the parliament soon. The punishment in the new laws is very strict and clear.

He said that the ANF academy will be equipped with modern equipment and will make it the best Pakistan.