More sanctions coming Iran’s way: Pompeo

By Monitoring Desk
Tuesday – September 25, 2018
NEW YORK (United States): United States (US) secretary of state Mike Pompeo, addressing a press briefing on US president Donald Trump’s agenda at the united nations (UN) general assembly (UNGA), on Monday revealed that among the topics Trump will cover at UNGA, on Wednesday, the north Korea, Iran, Syria and went on to labelling Iran as the world’s largest state sponsor of terror.

According to an official statement, “It is our fervent effort to make sure that this does not remain the case. You can bet the president will have well-deserved strong words for the Iranian regime, which is among the worst of violators of UN security council (UNSC) resolutions, if not the absolute worst in the world” asserting “He’ll call on every country to join our pressure campaign in order to thwart Iran’s global torrent of destructive activity,” he said.

Pompeo revealed, “We’ve put a number of restrictions in place. We will re-impose another set of sanctions come this November” adding “Our actions in and around the Middle East have made clear we will not continue to accept Iran’s bad behavior.”

He stressed, “And as you’ve heard too, president Trump will address the threat of nonproliferation at the UNSC, on Wednesday, and the need for responsible nations to stop the spread of weapons and technologies.”

Pompeo observed, “President Trump’s leadership, combined with efforts of countries to enforce the pressure campaign, has deescalated tensions with north Korea and brought us closer to our final goal: the final, fully verified denuclearization of the democratic people’s republic of Korea (DRPK/north Korea), as agreed to by DPRK chairman Kim Jong Un.”

He admired, “Last week’s summit between republic of Korea (ROK/south Korea) president Moon Jae-in and DPRK chairman Kim yielded another positive step forward, but the president remains resolute: now is not the time to ease pressure.”

Pompeo elaborated, “You have to remember this is a process that will move forward. To set a date certain will be foolish. But make no mistake about it — the conversations that we’re having are important. They’re putting the opportunity to complete the denuclearisation in place. And we will continue at every level to have those conversations. Some of them you will all be aware of; some of them you won’t know are taking place.”

He educated, “These are the UNSC resolutions that demanded that north Korea give up its nuclear weapons programme and, even more broadly, its nuclear capabilities. Those aren’t US demands; they are the UN demands” adding “And we’re working to assist in implementing them and to help chairman Kim get to the right place to honour the promise that he made to president Trump in Singapore.”

Pompeo highlighted, “We expect the full, complete, verified denuclearisation of north Korea. And until such time as that occurs, the economic sanctions — the sanctions that have been put in place by the UNSC — will remain in place” adding “That’s the core proposition that the president agreed to in Singapore, and it’s the one we’re going to continue to honour through the whole process.”

He reminded, “Remember the history. We went at this the other way for decades, and north Korea continued to build its nuclear programme. Right? We tried to do details. We tried to do step-for-step. We tried to do trade-for-trade. Each of those failed.”

Pompeo continued, “We’re coming at this from a different direction. We’re bringing the two senior leaders, the individuals who can actually make the decisions that will move this process forward, bring them together so we can continue to make progress towards what the UNSC has demanded and what chairman Kim has promised he would do.”

He concluded, “That’s the effort. There remains work to be done. There will be some time before we get to complete denuclearisation for sure. But we’ve been at this the other way for an awfully long time and failed, and put America in the position it finds itself today: at risk from north Korean nuclear weapons.”