Modi govt mismanaged dispute in IOK: Manmohan Singh

Tuesday – March 20, 2018
SRINAGAR (India): Former Indian prime minister (PM) Manmohan Singh launched an all-out attack on the Narendra Modi government on Monday, saying it has mismanaged the dispute in the Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK).

According to Kashmir media service (KMS), addressing the 84th congress plenary session in New Delhi, Manmohan Singh said the bharatiya Janata party (BJP) led government’s talk of fighting two and a half wars was “yet another hollow promise”.

From foreign policy and defence to the economy, the former PM spoke on a range of issues, and was accorded a thunderous applause and a standing ovation by party leaders. He stressed that the government should recognise the IOK’s special problems and “we must deal with those problems with all seriousness”.

Highlighting issues that had come up between India and its neighbours under the Modi dispensation, the former PM Singh said it was the task of the country to create pathways for an “environment of support, friendship and moving ahead together”.

The congress moved in that direction, he said, whether it was with Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka, or countries such as China. “These problems are to be sorted out peacefully and not in an atmosphere of hostility and shouting at each other,” he added.

On Pakistan, Singh said India must recognise it as a neighbour.