Memon imparts information on civic roles

By Staff Reporter
Monday – March 5, 2018
ISLAMABAD: Benazir income support programme (BISP) chairperson Marvi Memon launched a series of programs, on Sunday, aimed at creating awareness among BISP beneficiary families and general public about civic education, rights and roles.

According to an official statement, Nigar Nazar, a renowned woman cartoonist, designed a unique board game for the kids of BISP beneficiaries, to disseminate key messages on civic rights, education rights and roles.

Beneficiary women of BISP along-with their children were invited on the occasion to create familiarity and provide interaction about the board game characters.

Students of Roots international school participated in the event to help the beneficiary kids in playing the game and understanding its characters and the civic messages. Speaking at the launching ceremony, Memon announced that this new campaign will be replicated across Pakistan with the pilot program in the federal capital.

With the help of local educational institutions this innovative board game will be launched in all the major cities of Pakistan. With the support form academic institutions, we will help BISP beneficiaries and their kids to understand about the key messages.

The game includes messages on child protection, nutrition, child labour, freedom of speech, rights of women in Islam, gender discrimination, respect of parents, early marriages, education, drugs, public harassment and savings.

Memon said that the idea behind this board game is to make our youth aware of their roles and rights as citizens of Pakistan and in which ways they can contribute towards making it a better, civilised and a prosperous country.