Master Abdullah: the man behind music (E-5 of 5)

By Anis Shakur
Sunday – April 1, 2018
ISLAMABAD: Master Abdullah’s way, as music composer, he had come completely into his own. His music compositions were apt to be memorable in director Altaf Husain’s 1976 film ‘Jawan tay maidaan.’ Here are three examples. ‘Ainj lazzat meray shabab di,’ singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Jawan tay maidaan.’ ‘Din khushiyaan da Aaya,’ singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Jawan tay maidaan.’ ‘Maar seeta way teri judai nay,’ singer, Afshan, the film ‘Jawan tay maidaan.’

Master Abdullah was the kindred spirit to millions of cine-goers and rightly so. He was superlative in his particular brand of sentimentality. Two examples below:

‘Ye safar teray meray pyar ka,’ duet, Mehnaz- Mehdi Hasan, movie director Nazar –ul-Islam’s 1978 film ‘Sheeshay ka ghar.’

‘Teray roop ka pujari,’ singer, Asad Amanat Ali, the film ‘Sheeshay ka ghar.’

Master Abdullah’s music was hard and complicated to make, but he did a tough job so well. His music will find listeners as long as the ‘eternal enigma’ tugs hearts. Master Abdullah achieved lofty heights through songs like the two below:

‘Babul teri meri chhoo', duet, Noor Jehan- Mehdi Hasan, the film ‘Qismat,’ June 20, 1985, movie director, Iqbal Kashmiri.

‘Ammi di mein pyari tay babul teri,’ duet, Mehnaz- Mehdi Hasan, the film ‘Qismat.’

Master Abdullah won the Nigar Award for the best music composer in the 1973 film ‘Ziddi.’

Master Abdullah left for the eternal journey on February 1, 1994, in Sheikh Zaid Hospital, Lahore.

Master Abdullah is no longer with us. His music continues to recharge and enrich us and makes our time on this planet more meaningful, significant and, yes, musical. (The End)