Master Abdullah: the man behind music (E-4 of 5)

By Anis Shakur
Monday – March 26, 2018
ISLAMABAD: Over and above, Master Abdullah was an adornment to the world of music. As usual, Master Abdullah composed these two songs with verve and vivacity. ‘Baliye chal pind nu chaliye,’ singer, Inayat Husain Bhatti, the film ‘Duniya paisay de.’ ‘Jadun we koi pyar panda,’ singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Duniya paisay de.’

All life is rhythm. The absence of rhythm is death. Master Abdullah’s ability to devote unswerving attention to his task brought huge success to him. Here are three examples. ‘Koi nith pyar jataway,’ singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Nizaam,’ November 9, 1972, producer, G. Haider. ‘Dil tutda tay ronda Aasmaan, takia pyar dholda na.’ Singer, Masood Rana, the film ‘Nizaam.’ ‘Akhi pakay kajra dee dori mein ban gei hor kurio,’ singer, Mala, the film ‘Nizaam.’

As a composer of the highest grade, Master Abdullah’s craftsmanship seemed effortless in these two music compositions. ‘Jind tarakdi Aakh pharakdi a,’ singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Nizaam.’ ‘Dil kawe mahi waley chhaiti jawan,’ singer, Mala, the film ‘Nizaam.’

Moreover, Master Abdullah found an immaculate unanimity of tone with his lyricists. Two examples below:

‘Teray pichhay aana, assaa pyar nibhana,’ duet, Mehdi Hasan- Noor Jehan, the film ‘Nizaam.’
‘Sajna di deen lei marna qabool a,’ singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Nizaam.’

Some of Master Abdullah’s highly successful musicals touched on the theme of romance in one way or another. Below are three heartfelt little melodies:

‘Way chhad meri weeni na maroar,’ singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Ziddi,’ January 16, 1973, movie director, Iqbal Kashmiri.

‘Teray naal way mein rehna,’ singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Ziddi.’

‘Akhian way rateen son na dendian,’ singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Ziddi.’

The listeners enthusiastically belt out well-loved songs from the movie ‘Shareef badmash,’ like the two below:

‘Meri toar kabotar wargi,’ singer, Noor Jehan, movie director, Iqbal Kashmiri, the 1975 film ‘Shareef badmash.’

‘Mein na jamdi dhola mein na jamdi,’ singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Shareef badmash.’

The songs like this one have been around quite a while, ‘Raat ka pichhla peher hai.’ Singer, Noor Jehan, movie director, G. Haider’s 1975 film ‘Badal gaya insaan.’ (To be continued...)