Master Abdullah: the man behind music (E-2 of 5)

By Anis Shakur
Sunday – March 18, 2018
ISLAMABAD: ‘Dard ye kaisa diya hai, ye lazzat, ye lazzat, ye lazzat hai kya,’ Runa in the film ‘Commander.’ Master Abdullah was well-known for his alacrity and skill, as is evident in this song,’ ‘Ballay, bhei lokan bhanay chann charhya.’ Singer, Mala, the film ‘Malangi.’

Our admiration and gratitude are endless. Master Abdullah was truly the guiding light of our lives. Rather so many lives. Fans will always cherish the memory of Master Abdullah, especially when they listen to the three songs below:

‘Ik boota ambi da, ghar saday laya ni.’ Singer, Nazeer Begum, movie director, Sharif Nayyar, the film ‘Lado,’ August 26, 1966. ‘Ki bharosa dam da a duniya fani,’ duet, Mala- Masood Rana, the film ‘Lado,’ ‘Shikar do peher pipli de thallay mein,’ Noor Jehan, the film ‘Lado.’

The images of those artists and pioneers still live in our hearts. The list of Master Abdullah’s songs that have become standard goes on. Here are three examples. ‘Mein ballay haseya di pand kuriye.’ Duet, Noor Jehan- Nazeer Begum, the film ‘Lado.’ ‘Teray duwaray saveen singa wala,’ singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Lado.’ ‘Kehray rahay paya e sanu dilla mar janea,’ singer, Mala, the film ‘Lado.’

Many of Master Abdullah’s admirers become very emotional when it comes to sad songs like ‘Dang pyar da seenay tay khakay.’ Singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Lado.’

Master Abdullah was successful in all instances. Example, ‘Nachdian jhanjhran tay nachda a jee,’ singer, Mala, the film ‘Lado.’

It is hard to find the word to describe the nature of Master Abdullah’s music. However, sublime comes close. One example below:

‘Kuchh Aahein hain kuchh Aansu hain,’ singer, Mehdi Hasan, movie director, Baba Qalander’s film ‘Zindigi,’ 1968.

With solace, Master Abdullah captivated the hearts of his adorers. The outcome was simply outstanding. Below are two examples:

‘Mil gaye thandak nigahoan ko,’ singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Zindigi.’

‘Tu jan-e-Aarzu hai,’ singer, Ahmed Rushdi, the film ‘Zindigi.’

As one listens to ‘Jan-e-mann’, one feels a magical moment that may happen; only once in a lifetime-like sledding on glass in the starlight-is in memory forever.

‘Jan-e-mann itna bata do mohabbat hai kya,’ singer, Runa Laila, movie director, Jafar Malik, pictured on Rani, the film ‘Commander,’ August 9, 1968. (To be continued...)