Master Abdullah: the man behind music (E-1 of 5)

By Anis Shakur
Saturday – March 17, 2018
ISLAMABAD: Years ago, Inayat Khan, founder of the Sufi order in the west, said, “Our mind and our body, the nature in which we live, the nature that has made us, all that is beneath and around us, it is all music. We are close to all this music, and live and move and have our being in music.”

His is a statement to which I subscribe. Additionally, it holds too true to the soothing music of Master Abdullah. Master Abdullah was born Sadiq Ali in 1930 in Lahore, Pakistan. Master Abdullah, who had a flair for harmonium, must have taken it as the voice of destiny when renowned movie director, Anwar Kamal Pasha, offered him to compose songs for his movie.

Thus, Master Abdullah debuted in Anwar Kamal Pasha’s 1962 film ‘Sooraj mukhi.’ Master Abdullah authoritatively composed the song, ‘O moray goray Raja.’ Duet, Irene Perveen- Baatish, the film ‘Sooraj mukhi.’

The perennial favorite below is a testament to Master Abdullah’s extraordinary compositions: ‘0 deikho Aaya ray,’ singer, Mala, the film ‘Sooraj mukhi.’

Master Abdullah had everyone under his spell. Example, the song ‘Ye jeena kya jeena hai,’ singer Noor Jehan, movie director Rasheed Akhter’s 1964 film ‘Wah bhi wah.’

In reality, Master Abdullah was the straw that stirs the drink. It was all about Master Abdullah. Example, the song ‘Janay wali cheese ka gham kya karein.’ Singer, Noor Jehan, the film ‘Wah bhi wah.’ Thus, with his lilting music, Master Abdullah embarked on a mission of unrequited love.

The films like ‘Malangi,’ has an enduring quality, so is its songs. With songs like ‘Mahi way sanu bhul na jaween,’ Master Abdullah left behind the unmistakable taste of sincerity. Singer, Noor Jehan, movie director, Rasheed Akhter, the film ‘Malangi,’ December 14, 1965, pictured on Firdous.

Pursuing tragic tunes or merry music, Master Abdullah was equally bold and bodacious. Here are Two examples. ‘Khana day khan prohnay koi gharib da,’ singer, Masood Rana, the film ‘Malangi.’

‘Uth majhay diya sher jawana,’ singer, Masood Rana, the film ‘Malangi.’

With the passage of time, Master Abdullah progressed steadily, which led to quality music. Here are two examples. Chhad chali babula, terian mein galian,’ singer Mala, the film ‘Malangi.’ ‘Hara way charh kothay tay uder kaan kadi Aaja tu,’ singer, Mala, the film ‘Malangi.’ (To be continued...)