Korean peninsula observes DPRK-ROK’s fifth summit

By Monitoring Desk
Thursday – September 20, 2018
PYONGYANG (Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea): The democratic people’s republic of Korea (DPRK) premier Kim Jong Un, and his wife Ri Sol Ju, welcomed republic of Korea (ROK) president Moon Jae In, and his wife Kim Jung Sook, in the north Korean capital on Tuesday morning, before the commencement of the fifth north-south summit south Korean president In wrote in a guest book of the office building in commemoration of the historic Pyongyang summit, “Single is the mind of all fellow countrymen for peace and prosperity.”

According to an official statement, at the talks there was an in-depth exchange of opinions on various issues arising in further accelerating the development of the north-south relations by honestly implementing the Panmunjom declaration in an all-round manner.

Un and In highly appreciated the present state of healthy north-south relations, they admired that the relations were positively developing on good terms and had a frank and candid conversation over important matters of mutual concern.

Earlier, In together with Un reviewed an honour guard of the services of the Korean people’s army (KPA) amid the firing of the 21-gun salute. They mounted the reviewing stand to review the march-past of the honour guard of the KPA services.

Both the leaders waved back to the warmly cheering crowds, walking past them.

The car carrying In headed towards the Paekhwawon state guesthouse, escorted by motorcycles.

Along the route, more than 100,000 DPRK citizens welcomed with compatriotism ROK president In and his party visiting Pyongyang for historic north-south summit.

Un got on an open limousine with In at the entrance to Ryonmot-dong.

Both the Korean leaders waved back to the cheering crowds.

The open limousine carrying the top leaders arrived at the Paekhwawon state guesthouse.