Kharrazi says Iran-Pakistan suffers brunt of Afghan war

By Staff Reporter
Wednesday – March 28, 2018
ISLAMABAD: A delegation headed by Iranian foreign relations’ strategic council head Kamal Kharrazi called on national security adviser (NSA) lieutenant general (R) Nasser Khan Janjua on Tuesday, in term of security situation, Kharrazi highlighted the fact that Pakistan and Iran were facing common challenges due to prolonged instability in Afghanistan.

According to an official statement, he added, both sides appreciated peace offer made by Afghan president Ashraf Ghani. The warring sides should make use of the offer to seek an enduring peace for Afghanistan.

Kharrazi held that we all need to work together for the stability of Afghanistan. Both sides expressed satisfaction over the upward trajectory of bilateral relations and reiterated their resolve to take it further by improving cooperation.

Besides promotion of bilateral relations, they had deliberate discussion on matters pertaining to regional security situation and more so for the collective vision of relationship between Iran and Pakistan.

Janjua warmly welcomed the guests and said, “Iran is a fraternal neighbouring country with blessing of common faith, history and culture. Our co-location is divine and full of potentials. Our geography and our geo-strategic location is our biggest asset and our essence of progression. Collectively, we can connect Asia with other regions and the world and that is where the vision of our relationship resides. We have every reason to be together.”

He applauded the efforts of the leadership of both the countries for setting up common objectives and goals for the improvement of bilateral relations and commented that such like visits will be very beneficial in this regard.

Kharrazi concluded that both the neighbouring countries need to work together and translate the challenges into opportunities. He expressed strong desire of Iranian government to connect Iranian communication networks with those of Pakistan.