Khan threatens round two of Sharif leaks

Staff Report
Friday - January 19, 2018
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan tehreek-e-insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan, in a statement on Thursday, threatened submission of second round of massive corruption and billions of rupees’ money laundering evidences against ousted prime minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif and family.

According to detail, PTI chairman said that the newer evidences will kick start second episode of the famed “mujhy kiun nikala” saga.

Khan termed expelled PM Sharif as the hallmark of corruption and added that he has unearthed explosive evidences against house of Sharifs.

He stated that Sharifs were involved in money laundering through a network of 16 offshore companies abroad including FZE Capital and Hill Metal Establishment.

Since the year 1992 people have witnessed an exponential boom in Sharif family’s assets, Khan added and said that in their every tenure Sharif mafia managed to get away with their massive corruption and that this corruption is now touching new zeniths with each passing day.

“So far Rs 300 billion have been plundered by this group of crooks,” he added. “Today, I am presenting substantial evidences before the people to make them understand how this mafia whitened black money they had looted from the country,” Khan flayed.

“Sharif family laundered money worth Rs 1.14 billion through Hill Metal Establishment and that this black money was meticulously whitened by transferring it into different accounts,” PTI chairman alleged.

Slamming Sharif, Khan said that Sharif transferred Rs 800 million to his daughter Maryam Nawaz while around Rs 240 million were laundered through employees of Sharif family and Punjab police.

He lamented that this is how police department has been crippled.

Khan maintained that transactions through bank accounts of multiple people, who were drivers, public relations officers (PROs), other Sharif employees and constables of Punjab police, reveal that the companies were solely created for the purpose of money laundering.

He exposed, “Money from Iqbal Anjum, who works in Saudi Arabia, was transferred to Aurangzeb Akhtar, a constable in Punjab police and Mohammad Iqbal, a constable Punjab police” adding “Further, Rs 180 million were transferred by Sharif’s driver Punnoo Khan to Asim Mehmood, who worked at Sharif educational complex” alleging “Saleem, an employee at Jati Umra, transferred Rs 50 million again to Asim Mehmood” asserting “Asim Mehmood transferred Rs 240 million to Nawaz Sharif’s employees.”

He said, “It is obvious that the huge sums are not meant for the drivers but in-fact are for Sharif family’s consumption only.”

Khan highlighted, “All the details will be sent to the national accountability bureau (NAB) and other relevant institutions for further investigation.”

He said that Sharif transferred Rs 20 million to Choudhary sugar mills through his own account which was revealed in investigation by securities and exchange commission of Pakistan (SECP).

Taking on Punjab chief minister (CM) Shehbaz Sharif, Khan said that Rs 3.5 billion credit arrives in Ramzan sugar mill, owned by Shehbaz, without any explanation.

Talking about Hudaibiya paper mills case, PTI chairman stated that Hudaibiya was also used for the purpose of money laundering.